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Journal greymond's Journal: MORBIDGAMES - Ave Molech: History & World Released

Ave Molech: History & World is a 37-page version of our Second Edition Campaign Setting. This condensed setting removes the game mechanics, classes, occupations and most artwork to give prospective GM's and players a look into the actual world, races and organizations within Ave Molech. In addition, this product should help those who may not want or be able to print out larger sized PDF's or find shorter PDF's easier to manage.

Important: If you own Ave Molech Second Edition you have all of this information.

Available for FREE from the MORBIDGAMES Emporium or at these online retailers for $2.00 MORBIDGAMES Emporium You can also get it the 16th here too!
DriveThru RPG
Drivethru Fantasy

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MORBIDGAMES - Ave Molech: History & World Released

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