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Several times, I've been reading old slashdot stories and desperately wanted to take part in a discussion that ended months ago. I'm sort of curious if that happens to anyone else. So, if you want to respond to an archived post of mine, post it here and link to the comment.
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  • It's pretty common for people who left their client idling to come back and start talking about something that everyone else stopped talking about hours ago. Unlike forums (where it's often derided as "thread necromancy") it's generally an accepted behavior, and I've been in on conversations that span days.

    I guess I'm replying to this discussion that hasn't been archived yet, perhaps I should have waited until this JE was closed ;)

    • In my experience, on forums it's frowned upon because the conversations last years instead of days. I do know what you're talking about with IRC.

      Slashdot is different than either, I hope, as I'm not posting this to the front page or anywhere else that'll make the conversation public. Anyone can read it, but only if they're looking for it.

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