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I tell my son to look at wikipedia when looking for honest answers. But wikipedia also explains porn terms with beautiful pictures, so isn't it time they create a wikipedia.nc17? Filters don't work. When I taught school I had a kid show me how repeatedly hitting an "F" key let him bypass the filters. I am surprised wikipedia doesn't have a "what would Britannica do" litmus test. Do you think most educators allow wikipedia and should they?
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  • Granted, the public school I attended couldn't afford Britannica (back when it was printed regularly), we had the World Book Encyclopedia set instead.

    I do, however, recall looking up things in the World Book that some might find objectionable for elementary school kids. It had detailed and colorful anatomical illustrations (both male and female). I also recall using the unabridged dictionary in the school library (still elementary school) to look up expletives.

    In short I'm not sure that it is necessar

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