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Journal peacefinder's Journal: It was about PIZZA?!??!!! 19


Dude. I had no idea. All this time I assumed it was politics that did you in.

(This entry will be meaningful to very few of you, and it's aimed at only one - who probably isn't listening anyway. The rest of y'all, don't sweat it.)

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It was about PIZZA?!??!!!

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  • Really? But we thrive on esoteric knowledge! ;-)
    • Over on that other site there was this guy I rather liked - in a totally straight way! - whose account was suddenly deleted. I was not a witness and the evidence was dumped into the bit-bucket, but secondary sources indicate it was a voluntary self-deletion* in response to some elevated level of verbal sparring.

      All this time I assumed the topic was politics, but now I'm told it was pizza. Which - in addition to any other emotions this revelation evokes - I find funny, because in total ignorance I spun a yar

  • I thought it was the politics also. Wish I could check that blog from work to see what else people are saying there.

    • I can neither confirm nor deny the story told over there, but I remember the thread described and it definitely began about pizza. Just how far off those greasy rails it slipped I do not know, but the evidence suggests it went all the way into a thick crust apocalypse.

      • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) *

        Beats me. Why should anyone take the political stuff any more (or less) seriously than pizza toppings? It's teh intarbwebs!

        • less) seriously than pizza toppings

          Really? Seriously? Did you honestly just give politics the same level pedestal as pizza toppings?

          I don't know you who you are.... but I don't think I like you. -.-

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