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Several times, I've been reading old slashdot stories and desperately wanted to take part in a discussion that ended months ago. I'm sort of curious if that happens to anyone else. So, if you want to respond to an archived post of mine, post it here and link to the comment.
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  • But this is why certain topics come up with regularity. Also, you may want to adjust how Offtopic and Redundant mods affect your viewing. Sometimes, the best stuff is in a deviant thread.
    • I generally only read threads complete - that is, both sliders all the way to the right/down, every post visible. If the discussions are at all interesting I read them until about 3/4 of the way down when the posts were made too late to have any replies. If I try to read only highly-moderated posts I end up hitting "parent" repeatedly to get context until I've ended up reading the thread backward.

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