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The Gimp

Journal forged's Journal: I praise you, my loyal fans 17

189 friends and 133 fans to this day. That's 41% of my 'users base' who like me as much as I like you, and other people. Not too bad at all !! :)

Are there people out there who also keep an eye on your fans list once in a while ? I am, for two reasons that I can think of:
- ego :)
- I like to list as friends all the people who took the time to list me as such to start with.

So all my fans, with no exceptions, I also befriend with. I think that's the least I can do to thank them, and because I like the whole zoo.pl system since the start. Too bad we're limited to 200 entries, I hit the limit all the time.

What do you do ?

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I praise you, my loyal fans

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  • I keep an eye on my freaks and fan list. For me it is more that I like to know people read what I have to say, getting reactions, even tips. Stuff like that.
    I don't automatically befriend people who mark me as fried. I usually read a few comments and/or journal entries before deciding. It has happened that I leave someone just "fan" for months. Usually at a certain point a fan will become friend.

    I also have some freaks. Sometimes I wish I knew why exactly I have been marked as a foe. I myself really rarely mark someone as a foe. One of the weirdest things I had was a fan that marked me suddenly a foe. No explanation whatsoever.
    I'd really like it that they add a functionality to slashcode that makes it possible to say *why" you mark someone as a friend or a foe. That coupled with automatic notification when your list suddenly changes would be really neat.

    • freaking (Score:2, Interesting)

      by edgarde ( 22267 )
      I praise you, my loyal FOAFs

      My Foes list gets modded [-1]. It's not intended as in insult -- I intend my Zoo mods to make reading comments less boring for me. Some people I add to Foes just because they seem to get modded too high too often, and I tire of reading their reasonable-but-typical-and-unnecessary posts.

      About 2/3 of my "Friends" are people toward whom I have no affinity, but whose posts I want a chance to read. BankofAmerica_ATM [slashdot.org], who posts were once mostly [-1, Off-Topic], is an example of someone I like to read whom I'd miss in Comments (which I read at [+2]). People who get modded up routinely for their great posts seldom make my Friends list.

      Curiously, about 2/3 of my "Fans" are career trolls on my Foes list. Dunno what their intent is -- perhaps they feel it's irritating. Anyway, I don't think about my Fans much.

      • I don't use the modifiers. I always read at +1, Nested, Oldest post first. What is however annoying is that some people "foe" you just because in your username you used the word Troll. This isn't a problem on this account, it is on another one I have. Especially since I actually stopped trolling with that other account. (Trolling isn't fun... Well I don't think it is)

        Friends usually become friends because I like reading their journals and/or they made interesting comments to mine. I seldom add someone a friend in normal slashdot discussions. (Exceptions are when people obviously are from my country... so I can keep track of their posting)

        Some people on my friend list are real life friends. One is my girlfriend, which recalls me... I should go now, she'll be calling in 35 minutes :-))

        • All my modifiers are set to zero, except of +1 for all of my fans. So you guys all get a push when I read your various diaries and comments ! (most of you post at +2 and I first read at +3, so with the modifier you're always right there :)
  • I check both my fans and freaks lists frequently.

    My fans automatically become friends, freaks usually become foes.
    • My fans automatically become friends

      I don't really understand this. *Why*? From my perspective, the only reason to make people your friends is because they write stuff that you think is worth reading, and thus the ability to have them automatically modded up means you're more likely to notice their comments. Plus, of course, they appear in /my/amigos/, which is invaluable. But neither of those are affected by whether someone likes you or not. Sure, I occasionally keep an eye on my fans list, and some of them have since become friends. But that's purely because I like what they're saying, not because they've chosen to befriend me.

      • *Most* of the people on my friends list got there by writing things I liked.

        The only automatic way is becoming a fan.

        Why? Kuz!
  • by subgeek ( 263292 )
    i check occasionally. i usually befriend fans after i've read some of their comments or a journal entry. i don't have freaks just yet, but if i did, i'd probably either befriend them or ignore them.
  • And you haven't got time to use them yet? I've found myself checking my fans list and modding them up if they make worthwhile comments. I can burn through 4 points in about 5 minutes. I figure if they taken the time to befriend me I'll give something back.

    I also figure keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. I only have three freaks and I'm not sure why the heck they are there. So, I put my freaks at +5, usually so I can read their comments and try to figure out what type of person they are and figure out why they put me on their foes list.

    I always put friends at +5 also, this is because I usually don't get much time to read and I usually read at +4 (sometimes +3).

    Freaks always go in the foes list and I always put fans in the friends list. Its pretty easy cause the lists aren't too big for me.

    • You're probably one of the lucky ones who can still moderate. Surprising, after that long ! :> I don't have the occasional +5 mod points for quite some time now, last time I can remember was early 2002.

      I'm on a few trolls blacklists and I used to be $rtbl'ed in the past, so that probably has to do with this. I don't know how that happened in the first place, I suppose I have controversial opinions once in a while ! :)

    • I always put friends at +5

      I sometimes wonder how we're meant to know about features like this. I set my preferences up once, and then never look at them again. So I didn't know about the ability to mod friends like this until I read your comment. Last time I looked, friends could get a +1 or nothing.

  • by Foss ( 248146 )
    Friends' journal entries are highlighted on the front page using that notification thingy. I still check the list every now and then to see if anyone has become a fan, but as I rarely post anymore I don't get any new fans.
  • The limit jumps from 200 to 400 when you subscribe [slashdot.org].

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