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Journal asparagus's Journal: feature 6

Spent the last couple of years making my first feature. Shot/wrote/edited/etc it myself on a shoe-string budget. Sent it off to a few film festivals not expecting much. The response thus far has matched my expectations. Hard to compete with people who have a thousand dollars for every one of mine.

The old saw goes it takes ten years to get good at anything. Made my first short back in 1999, keep on feeling like I'm just a single step away from breaking through. But as of yet, nothing.

And so, slogging ever onward. Been debating whether it would be a good idea to self-distribute/release the project under a CC license the same as I have with my shorts. If I sold a few dvds they would pay for the shooting if nothing else.

All I really want any more is somebody out there to watch the damn thing. And this cockamamie scheme would seem as decent as any other. Or rather, something something about doing it for the cause. Thoughts, yay or nay?

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  • The old saw goes it takes ten years to get good at anything.

    Been hearing that a lot lately, and I think it's a bunch of BS. You may have to work 10 years to get really good, but it's a curve, not a line. You could probably be damned good after only a year or less if you ask me. And while excellence is to be commended, getting by is what makes the world turn.
    • The vast majority of the time getting by is the wiser course of action. But for the occasions where I manage to identify mistakes or better yet solve them, I have the illusion of progress. Hard to deny though that it would certainly be easier to not worry. Each to his own, I suppose.

  • I'm always interested in new stuff. If you sell it, you might find a number of people willing to pay a reasonable price.

    • A caper/heist style stucture, but mostly a lot of dialogue. Cheapest thing to shoot.

      I thought about doing some sort of ransom model w/ the cc version, [] or something similar. Get a few more people like you and it's a deal. ;-)

  • Many don't get that far. Most of my ideas that I think are sure fire hits don't get past an outline stage because the initial pitch is not received well. (Perhaps I need a better audience).

    Don't give up. I have been attending film fests since 2001 and did not submit anything until last year.

    One technique that I've seen people do is to film just a trailer and use a film fest for audience feedback as well as getting it viewed by potential distributors.

    This year my two minute trailer took 1st place in the

    • Thanks. I've made a few short films but decided to push myself a bit further, was a lot more work/time than I expected. You can always spend more time in the outline stage.

      I made a trailer in the style that you're talking about once but never released it. But yeah, always hard to drum up support/interest.

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