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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [work] Frustrations 3

I spent the last month making an OS image for a project here, to their specifications - make it as small as possible and have it run all of the things we need to talk to the other systems in the cage.

"Do you need X?" I asked them *repeatedly*.

"Nope, this system will never have a display connected so no one will ever see it."

I completed the image and gave it to them, and they were satisfied. Until today.

"We need X".

I feel a long string of colorful expressions coming on.

On another front, I have a RAID that was put together but never configured so I needed to take care of it. I found an unused workstation, logged in and began the process of setting up the logical drives, partitions and whatnot. This is a lengthy process, so I fired it off and ran off to do something else, but I left everything open so it was clear what was happening and that the system was in use.

15 minutes later, some enterprising dumbass has taken the box, *rebooted* it, and started doing stuff on said terminal. When I challenged him, he smiled smugly and said "sorry" and turned away.

I think that, if that is where he plans to sit every day, there may need to be an unfortunate 'problem" with the connectivity on that box that makes it less than useful...

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[work] Frustrations

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  • /usr/bin/X11 over ssh.

    Whee! Slow loading.

    • Ooooh.... Ahhhh....

      Sometimes, evil is good.

      I *could* also set his shell to something really fun, too, maybe to shutdown...

      • Not necessarily OT, but perhaps an enjoyable thought... I want to create a "virus" that will wait until there is verification that a user is present and then popup a window that says: WARNING! Windows has detected a virus attempting to access your computer through the monitor. Disconnect Monitor within 60 seconds before permanent damage ensues, then press F1 for further instructions. With a little countdown timer that starts at :59, but actually moves a little faster than 1 tick a second;-)

        But I di

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