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Journal CmdrTaco's Journal: D2 Remembers What You've Read 5

Well, for subscribers only this week at least. We have a half dozen minor bugs left in the TODO list, but if you are a paying subscriber you can test it out. It works best if you are using the keybindings to navigate. Pressing 'f' takes you to the next unread comment respecting thread order... so you can press that over and over again.

We also added a thing to 'collapse comments after reading' which I think I might turn of as a default setting soon. This is only usable for subscribers atm as well. But basically, as you navigate through a discussion, it collapses the comments you've read after you move on. This makes it really easy to navigate large discussions without having to scroll over 150 comments you've already read.

we're aware of a number of annoying bugs, but hopefully most of them will be squashed by Pudge for this weeks code refresh. If things are stable, we hope to roll this out for everyone rsn.

also my baby cut his first tooth yesterday. My furniture will never be ungnawed upon again.

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D2 Remembers What You've Read

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  • Congratulations :D.

    Like your web baby "/.", your baby "baby" will grow, develop, amaze, and annoy you.

    Here is to auspicious growth in all your endeavours.


    • Like your web baby "/.", your baby "baby" will grow, develop, amaze, and annoy you.

      But will we be hearing about the baby's potty training and when he has his "F1RST P1SS!!1!"? :)

  • First: ObCongratsAboutBaby. Sounds like Taco 2.0 has a few rough edges poking through, but is generally in good shape for what is still early in the product lifecycle. Of course, the development cycle takes forever with humans. It's nine months just to get initial release, which typically is extremely limited in functionality, and is prone to spontaneous dumps. I hear the industry standard is 18 years until full release. On the plus side, the typical product lifecycle can be 70 or 80 years.

    Back to the

    • by Raphael ( 18701 )

      With the old discussion system, changing the threshold/mode doesn't save unless you click the "Save" checkbox first. Maybe a "Save" command-button could be added to D2, replacing the implicit save with an explicit action. That's AJAXy. Or at least give me a preferences screen checkbox to not automatically save changes to my D2 thresholds.

      I usually refrain from posting "Me too!" replies, but I also like to start small (high thresholds) and expand as necessary. I would prefer some kind of explicit "Save" button for the Full/Abbreviated/Hidden tresholds.

      I often lower the thresholds when an article has only a few comments. But when I switch to the next article that has hundreds of comments, it is rather annoying to see all of them popping up and slowing down my browser until I can grab the bar and reset the thresholds (and then wait for the b

      • by CmdrTaco ( 1 ) * Works for Slashdot
        I'll try to address both of you together:

        For dealing with the small/large discussion, I just keep my threshold somewhere in the middle, but since I sort by score, I get some/most/all of the comments when the discussion is smaller... but as score:3-5 comments trickle in, when I enter a well aged discussion, I get 50 highly rated scores. So Personally I think the answer is to keep the bottom threshold a little lower than you might otherwise, and rely on the fact that you are getting only 50 comments at a t

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