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Journal Spy der Mann's Journal: Online mp3 stores: No wonder there's so much piracy. 4

I finally decided to purchase a piece of music (an OLD piece of music from an OLD 60's movie). First I tried Amazon. Is the song there? Check.
99 cents pers song - check.
Requires a VISA account - check.
Secure - check.
International orders - FAIL.

Yahoo! music store.
Requires Microsoft Windows - FAIL.

Apple iTunes.
Requires itunes for Windows. FAIL!

OK so where the heck can I purchase a song online if I don't live in the US? This is nuts. It was going to be my FIRST FRIGGIN' PURCHASE. Screw you, RIAA, Amazon, Yahoo, and Apple. I'm going to remain a pirate again and it's YOUR FAULT.

Oh, look, there's this music store called Magnatune (supported by Amarok!). Let's see if they have the song I'm looking for...


Alright... we can't do it the legal way, we do it ... the only way.


Downloading torrent file... done.

Downloading file... aw crap, tracker not available. Let's try youtube now.


Any questions?

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Online mp3 stores: No wonder there's so much piracy.

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  • At first I thought you must be on crack. The day the store opened, I purchased a track just fine (funnily enough, a rare single totally unavailable anywhere on the pirate web, and I know where to look).

    However, I just logged in and tried to buy a song and it totally cockblocked me. Wankers.

    I feel sorry for Amazon. Being told you can only sell a kind of product to a minority of your customers must be annoying as hell. Hope it changes back soon.
  • Have you checked out yet? It looks promising. I have no personal experience with it though.
  • to other video formats, and in particular the soundtracks to mp3: [] an online converter which worked well for me and apparently a downloadable app as well. Free software

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