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Journal NewYorkCountryLawyer's Journal: RIAA targets 7 out of 8 Ivies; steers clear of Harvard 7

The RIAA's latest anti-college round of "early settlement" letters targets 7 out of 8 Ivy League schools, but continues to give Harvard University a wide berth. This is perhaps the most astonishing display of cowardice exhibited to date by the multinational cartel of SONY BMG, Warner Bros. Records, EMI, and Vivendi/Universal (the "Big Four" record companies, which are rapidly become less "big"). The lesson which other colleges and universities should draw from this latest of many acts of cowardice: "All bullies are cowards. Appeasement of bullies doesn't work. Standing up to bullies and fighting back has a much higher success rate."
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RIAA targets 7 out of 8 Ivies; steers clear of Harvard

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  • The cops never venture very deep into the really rough neighborhoods.
    • These guys aren't cops. No one appointed them except themselves and their own greed and recklessness.
      • It's more of a comparison than anything. It's that they act in the same manner. Pick off the easy, more profitable targets. It is extremely cowardly, but I wouldn't expect anything else from these types. If I was as ambitious, corrupt, and greedy, I would do the same thing, laughing all the way to bank, not caring that people titter behind my back. They act without conscience. It's how they sleep at night without a care in the world. They say, "Let them eat cake". I say, Off with their heads. (you need to p
        • I don't see why you're picking on the police.

          My comment was about bullies.

          While there are some bullies among police officers, there are bullies in all walks of life, including the legal profession.

          Neither do I think it's appropriate to say things like "off with their heads".

          I want these bullies to receive their comeuppance in a court of law.

          So please chill.

          And for the record, it's no fun at all. It's work I wish I didn't have. It's just that some of us can't stand by and see
          (a) the justice system be
          • It's just that some of us can't stand by and see
            (a) the justice system being abused this way,
            the law being twisted this way, and
            these cowardly bullies having their way because the people they pick on don't have the money to fight back.

            Well sir, I am very upset with the bullies, also, but I am much more upset that our society supports these people, and put them into positoins of power and throw gobs of money their way. We can put an end to this quite quickly, at least in the states, by voting their enablers
  • Since I can't reply to a previous journal entry I will do so here.
    I am glad a judge in my hometown was against the RIAA.
    Well didn't automatically allow all evidence as admissable regardless of merit.

    A second thing.
    Couldn't there be a class action suit against the RIAA?
    Probably nor but if they keep droping charges, on cases they won't win, or "forcing" people to settlement then it might work. Perhaps similar to the Kazza one a 10 of so of your journals back.

    I wonder how many anagrams "ARIA"'s are under the R

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