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Journal robi2106's Journal: Boise PD proud owner of newest Segway DUI Arrest 6

A Boise PD bicycle officer just busted an errant Segway driver who apparently was cruising in "an erratic manner and nearly hit a pedestrian walking along Main Street on Saturday." Segway DUI arrests have happened before and been upheld. Will this second Segway arrest be considered a precedent? The debate seems to be ongoing.

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Boise PD proud owner of newest Segway DUI Arrest

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  • Since you can get a DUI for riding your bicycle whilst intoxicated, I see no reason why a Segway should be any different. In order to get an exception based on an electric-wheelchair type contraption, you'de have to offer evidence that the Segway was required for your movements. Otherwise it's a choice, just like a bike, car, motorcycle, or anything else.
    • Does "required for my movements" count if I can't walk home due to the large number of microbrews I sampled at McMinnamen's ?
      • Of course! Speaking of slashdot and beer, have you made it to any of the anniversary parties? I guess there've been 3 so far, but I've only made the first one.
        • No, and unfortunately, not likely to. I'm just too busy right now- hard enough maintaining my health, job, and helping my wife with the daycare. Wish I could though- they sound like good bashes, at least the ones here in the PacNW....
    • IIRC, there was a case where a man got on his horse while drunk. The horse knew its way home, so he figured "no problem." He was still charged with "drunken driving" ... and convicted. Go figure.

      Mind you, you can be charged with drunken driving while sleeping it off in the back seat, if you have the keys on you, since you have the "care and control" of the motor vehicle ... at least that's how it works here.

      • America West had a couple pilots convicted of DUI a couple few years ago in Miami. IIRC, the gate agent called the police after smelling alcohol on the pilots. They came and took the pilots into custody. Now the interesting thing was that while the plane had pushed from the gate, its engines had not started yet when it was pulled back in. The pilots' defense was that since the engines weren't turning, and it was a ground crew operating the push vehicle, that they were not actually in control of the airp

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