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Journal metlin's Journal: Hindu Prayer Shouted Down in US Senate 15

Chaplains from various faiths and religions are sometimes invited to provide the opening prayer for the US Senate. While traditionally this has been done by a Christian Chaplain, this Thursday was unique in that it was the first time a Hindu Chaplain was invited to say the opening prayer in front of the US Senate. Unfortunately, this was marked by protests by some religious Christian folks who shouted down the prayer and kept interrupting it periodically. A video of the incident can also be viewed.

And as a side note, it is interesting how the right seems to want more religion, but only if it were their own. It is rather unfortunate that for a religion that is supposed to teach tolerance, its most fervent followers seem to be showing very little of it.

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Hindu Prayer Shouted Down in US Senate

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  • Throw stones at the religion of another.
  • What a bunch of freaks.

    That's really embarrassing for Americans and Christians both. :-(



    • Yep. The fascinating part is that, had they read their Bibles, the Christians would have known that boorish behavior is not in keeping with Christianity.
      • The more fanatical the person, the more they warp their beliefs to their own will...
        At least, that's what I've found.

        I wish someone would step up and say something like "Don't like the bad apples ruin the bunch!"
        • Galatians 5:9 "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump."
          Of course, when proof-texting, this verse is ironically used to filter out new thought, instead of filtering out extremeism. Entropy of the human soul, and all that.
      • by metlin ( 258108 )
        A fanatical, religious person read and understand their religious texts? Whoa.
    • by metlin ( 258108 )
      Oh I agree.

      The saddest part is that these people are not the best of examples for Christians nor Americans.

      But unfortunately, all it takes is a few bad apples, eh?
  • The mistake is thinking that they give a damn about religious freedom...That isn't the case at all. As far as they're concerned there should only be one religion: theirs. If other religions were oppressed, they wouldn't give a damn, as long as it didn't impinge on their own, and if it was beneficial to their own, they would embrace it.

    I pretty much expect this sort of behavior from a number of reps, even in the Senate, but I would think that they would at least show him the respect due a speaker. This isn't
  • And pathetic. Imagine their surprise when they actually do get to meet their creator...
  • what these "protesters" did is no different that what is being done all over the globe. Attempts to silence others speech. Shameful. Even if you fully believe a person is completely wrong in their beliefs, you should extend them the same courtesy.

    Morons. I've got morons pretending to be on my team.

  • Religion has no place in a place like senate. All religions should be banned from politics.
    • by metlin ( 258108 )
      I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, how else would politicians be able to pander their clientele - err, I mean, cater to their voters - who are nutsos believing in voices in the sky?

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