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Journal mattatwork's Journal: Call to mind your Blogging Manners 1

According to the NY Times, guidelines for blogging are being drawn up by Tim O'Reilly and Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia fame). On the list are getting rid of anonymous blogs, citing sources for gossip blogging and removing libelous comments. During the Miss America '07 pageant, my wife frequented different pageant blogs where almost 100% of the comments were posted anonymously and were highly crude/libelous as well. Are websites that follow O'Reilly and Wales' guidelines improving the internet or participating in censorship?
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Call to mind your Blogging Manners

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  • Rules, especially if they're drawn up by people who have no need to ever worry about them, are worthless and serve no purpose other than to give one group an excuse to act snobby towards another group. Put either of those two guys on the open internet and give them a readership which consists, 80%, of personally insulting and disrespectful trolls and require them to keep at least a 75% response rate. They'll tank just like anyone else.

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