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Journal Omestes's Journal: Profanity Blacklist is dumb. 8

Quickly running through my foes, just to see how much hatred I garner, and discovered that the Profanity Blacklist (UID 825460) still hates me, even though I haven't used any "foul" language in sometime. Well fine, I did mention the word "asshole" earlier, but I really don't see how offensive that term really is to anyone.

The key problem with the blacklist is that it is a one strike system, if some faceless user (who is completely anonymous) sees one little naughty work in a post, at some forgotten time in the past, then automatically everything you say has less merit than a troll who refrains from from interesting language. Snap judgments are for idiots, children. I try to keep most of my replies on an intellectual level (no matter how much some of you don't agree with me, it generally is a respectful disagreement), but because I once (probably to a poll, and probably at 3am) muttered something less than kosher to virgin ears, I am an eternal rogue with the mouth of an uneducated sailor.

There is no way to plea your case, or to be un-blacklisted, since there is no avenue of recourse. PB is an anonymous god, prayers will do you no good.

My essence is not defined by one action. No ones is.

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Profanity Blacklist is dumb.

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  • Agreed. Not only is the enterprise dubious, but it obviously doesn't work. I can make sailors blush, but apparently not enough, as I'm not on the list.

    But I would point out that some people really want to avoid any kind of NSFW material, as a lot of browsing gets done from work, so something like the Profanity Blacklist is helpful to them.
    • by Omestes ( 471991 )
      Odd, for some reason I forgot that a significant portion of /.ers are at work while being here. Strange thing to forget, though it makes a little more sense now. It still does rather wreak of overkill still, though, I get the killing but not the massacre. I just think that people should get a fair shake of some sort.

      Dear Possibly Drunk Sir,

      It has come to our attention that you are using language fitting of sailors, criminals, rogues, teenagers, or politicians caught on tape without their knowing. This i

  • by Chacham ( 981 )
    The one-shot system is simple. It notifies potential users of profanity. If you think you changed, perhaps an email to the author would help?

    I gave up on one-shot filtering a while ago. I ran out of foe room. Now i only foe more egregious users.
    • by Omestes ( 471991 )
      Thats the problem, there is no email to respond to. I would feel quite as bad about the whole thing if their about me section had a little blurb saying "if you find this in error, etc... please send mail to..." followed by some free webmail address.

      I generally only filter out obvious trolls, and some of the more annoying political folk (who repeatedly insert Iraq references into conversations about Linux kernels), and I still generally clear it out once a year or so, just in case I'm missing some good con
      • by Chacham ( 981 )
        (who repeatedly insert Iraq references into conversations about Linux kernels)

        I'd hate to interrupt, but perhaps they meant IRQ. :)

        i really don't know why Slashdot needs a friend foe system.

        I like it because it helps wade through the plethora of comments, and notifies me of JEs i may want to read.

        whose readership probably averages someplace in the mid-30s

        Doubtful. While the original readers are probably in the 30-40 range now, the site has gained much popularity, so, not only is it getting a younger crowd,
        • by Omestes ( 471991 )
          You have a point. I have noticed a time trend here too, and a huge disparity in various topics. Games and YRO seeming to attract a more... I want to say immature but not in an insulting way... crowd. While the more hardcore tech areas seem to get somewhat jaded professionals. I suppose your right, I always forget that there is always a new crop of geeks, or take for granted that most of them move to the more ADD friendly Digg.

          You wouldn't say that if you have a low UID. Youngster! :P

          Feh! I knew I shoul
          • by Chacham ( 981 )
            I want to say immature but not in an insulting way

            "Younger" or even "youthful" can be a good way to say that.

            I knew I shouldn't have lurked here so long before signing up!

            Yeah, yeah, my other id is in the shop. Heh.

            I can safely mock my elders, AND feel smug about the youngsters.

            Not bad. :)

            Actually I do have some issue with them, though I am not puritanical about it.

            Different strokes for different folks. I have nothing against you, but i do like to take action to protect myself.

            Anyway, thanx for the replie
            • by Omestes ( 471991 )
              "Younger" or even "youthful" can be a good way to say that.

              Would have, but this is /. after all, never can be too sure.

              Anyway, thanx for the replies. They are well written.


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