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Journal eugene ts wong's Journal: Recommend any software for using gamepad instead of a mouse? 11

I'm interested in using a gampad or joystick instead of a mouse, for my Kubuntu desktop pointer. Later on, I'm planning on reinstalling Gentoo on a seperate partition. At this point, I'm intending to go with js2mouse. What do you recommend? Should I use a different software package? Should I use js2mouse as a kernel module? Also, I'd like to recommend this idea to my brother for his Windows XP desktop. What software package do you recommend for that? The packages that I've seen look kind of like spyware.

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Recommend any software for using gamepad instead of a mouse?

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  • Why would you want to do that? Sorry, can't help you on that front.... Never had the situation and thus I know no solution.
    • Salut, mon ami! I think that it would be easier to control the pointer. I could recline in my chair, and not have to reach for the mouse, when I want to read. I hope that makes sense. Also, it makes use of other hardware.
      • Two words: USB trackball....
        • Hi Jaw.

          Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I'm using an old Pentium Pro. I'll keep the trackball in mind for a newer computer, though.

          I hope that things are going well for you and the little lady.
          • Everything is all right... I used to own a PPro (heck, I still have it, it's just non-functional). Those are PCI machines and I just happen to know that you can buy USB cards for those. Hey, I still have a USB 1.1 PCI card lying around. Want it?

            Lady and me are doing fine. Mini-trip to Paris the next 3 days...

            • Yeah, I want it, but let me give it some thought, because it may not be worth the postage. If I could be content with the joystick, then it would save us some cash.

              I'm glad to hear that you're both doing fine. I find that comforting, in a day when divorce is common.
  • I tried using a joystick on WinXp a while ago, and I did not like it. The resolution was too coarse, and the visual feedback had too much lag, so it was a wholly unsatisfying experience. I have an optical mouse now, and the resolution and speed is excellent. I used to use a big trackball, which I liked, and I would try again, if I could find an optical one with a large, light ball.
    • Hi again, Degrees.

      Thanks for responding. I'm glad that you gave me some feedback on XP. I had suggested it to my brother. Luckily, he wasn't interested, so, no significant amount of time was wasted.
  • There's a package that will let you use your Wiimote as a computer pointer. I'll look it up if you have one.

    BTW we are moving over to multiply: []
    Come join us!
    • Yeah, I do have a Wii. I'll be selling it, though. I only bought it to make a few bucks. My brother has a Wii. I'll look for the software and then give you a quick update. I don't want to trouble you, since I don't intend to use the Wii anytime soon.

      By the way, I think that the Wii concept rocks. I think that they need to iron out a few bugs still, but overall, it's a great idea.

      I'll check out multiply. Thanks for the word up.
      • [] is the site with the Linux drivers. Actually, you don't even NEED the Wii, just the Wiimote. I didn't think that anyone would have the latter without the former, however. It uses bluetooth, so that might pose a problem on the older linux, which I also didn't think of. So it turned out to not be a great solution, but it's an interesting hack nonetheless. Send me a contact request if you join Multiply.

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