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Tool to sync up bookmarks/etc across multiple machines

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  • Hrmmmmm like iSync for Macs...

  • Thanks dude! That rocks.
    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      Well it is like that, except the save to the website part is automatic (which is nice). Plus you can have it save other stuff too (like cache and such) though right now I only have it saving bookmarks and history.
  • I tried that a while back and it was kinda neat. Much better than iSync on the Mac because this will sync across OSes without any troubles. The only reason I don't still use it is the fact that it barfed on the size of my bookmarks+cache+etc. I tend to do most of my browsing on my MacBook these days anyway, so I don't bother trying to keep my other machines synced...
  • Some time ago in some previous Firefox and for a short while, I had a bookmark syncronizer ... until it ate all my bookmarks. After which, no more. Probably not in a very long while. A very, very long while. The entire experience was just too painful. And annoying.

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