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Dipping my toe into moving

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    I just went to start inviting the random people who have mentioned this so far (as nizo505; my nick has been snarfed already dambit), but having to pick between "Friend" and "Online Buddy" just stressed me out. Besides, "Worthy Adversary" might be more appropriate in some cases :-)
    • Yeah, and where's "Fuck Buddy" under relationship? Because that's what most of my MySpace contacts are and it'll import MySpace contacts.
      • As with any classification system, there are bound to be omissions here and there, or places someone or other would have drawn the line differently.

        Use “life partner.”

        • That would imply that she's the ONLY fuck buddy. I'll just put Friend, and the With Benefits part will be in my head.
          • Not in the slightest. I see nothing to indicate that one could not have seventy three concurrent life partners.

            (well, nothing other than the obvious, of course.)

  • In particular I like the fact I can play with the design. :-)
    I hadn’t looked into that yet, but good. The engine seems decent, but the interface, gah, it makes the typographer in me want to scoop my eyes out with a scale miniature of Frederic Goudy’s headstone.

  • Can't make it that pretty. Plus, I'm not original. I'll make an account because you and Sam insist....
  • I like it here. :-)
  • i made an i.d. over there - so i could have stoolpigeon if this thing gathers enough steam - but i can't lie, i'm hoping things stay put here. i'm not big on change and i think there is a lot of good about slashdot still -- but i'm gonna just hunker down and see what happens.
  • by ces ( 119879 )
    That interface just sucks.

    I'd much rather have a nice scoop site.

    Perhaps we can invade kuro5hin, doesn't seem like anyone uses that site anymore ;-)

    In any case I'm all for the idea, but lets pick a better interface.

    For that matter if someone will donate a place to host it we can run pretty much anything we want.
  • you just directly associated yourself with me.
  • Usernames must be at least 4 characters. Screw dat!
  • How the hell does one join []
  • Hm. I've contemplated moving (mainly thinking of LiveJournal) on several occasions. Mainly LJ because of the user groups features - I'm sure not everyone really wants to read TMI about my fetishes. But I just can't be bothered really, Slashdot works for me, and many of my journal entries are technical in nature so I'm guessing this is the right audience.

    Although I do need to write a script to mirror my [Z80] entries on my project web page.
  • It's a social networking site, except you're not stuck with crap layout, and you can choose who to associate with?


    Trouble is, I'm on about a half-dozen sites already (more if you include the ones I don't actually use) - Slashdot, dA, LJ (lurking), Digg, StumbleUpon and MySpace (yes, really!) Do I really need to have another one? As it is, I'm now using Thunderbird to pull in the RSS feeds from all the friends I have on the above sites, so I'm still fairly in-touch with what's going on... just rarely

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