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Journal glh's Journal: It's been a while since my last post 13

It's been a while... Thought I'd hop over on to /. and say hello and post an update.

First the big news- we are expecting our second child early April. We found out that we are having another girl! Very exciting. I told my wife that I'm definitely going to have to make a "man room" so I can get away from it all. But before that I have to get something done for the baby's new room. We're pretty behind right now- don't have any idea what we are going to do for her bedroom. And we don't have any names picked out yet, either.

The pregnancy was a little tough right around the beginning of the second semester. We found out my wife had a bit of a torn placenta (she had some real light bleeding). Fortunately that tear healed up well.

Lately, work has really been eating up my time. I've had 3 bosses over the past year, and the latest one started last week. Our company has been in a turn around situation but it seems like we are making progress. Despite all the crazy stuff, I have a really cool opportunity with a project coming up. We're going to be implementing some enterprise technology and I'll be overseeing the project (and it's probably not going to be Microsoft technology). I've been in management for about a year and a half now (As of last July I stepped into the Director of Software Development role)and so far it has been a good challenge and very rewarding. Getting away from the technical side has been tough, but I still am spending a lot of time on technical architecture and get to mentor developers on my team. I try to spend some of my spare time writing code, but there isn't as much spare time as there used to be- and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Well that's about it for now. If you have any questions, drop me a comment. I promise I'll check slashdot for at least a few days to see if anyone is still reading :)

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It's been a while since my last post

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  • And congrats on the new addition. :-)

    As for names, the second one is kinda weird. We had a girl's 1st name all picked out, but left the middle name until about a month before the baby was due (never found out the gender while preggers). And the technical name for a boy was always a given (family name from Hubby -- or soon-to-be-exHubby, actually, in case you hadn't heard the news -- we're getting divorced). But a week before my due date, we were both talking and realized that the "nickname" we had kinda
    • by glh ( 14273 )
      Hey Bethanie, thanks for the post. I hadn't heard the news on your situation, I'll have to go back and do some reading! Hope you are doing well and hanging in there..

      My wife and I have thought of a few names, mostly leftovers from the last one. We're hoping this time we pick a name that is not quite as common. It seems like everywhere we go there are one or two other Kaitlyn's (though spelled different).

      I'll try to check back more often. Lately I haven't been a good lurker.
      • congrats. I would suggest checking the baby name popularity lists if you want to avoid popular names. It could also help give you some ideas.

      • We used the recycled name for the girl name we picked out for Joey, "Emma".... but it became too popular, so we argued out the name until well into the third trimester. She wanted "Jenna", I wanted "Giovanna" and we'd use "Jenna" for the nickname. I lost (I picked out Joey, as it was a family name, so she had more leverage than I).

        Cool news about the promotion. I see everything is going swimming, which is always good to hear :)
  • It is better when the genders balance out, then you can have them fight off one another.

    Then again, at least this way there is only one type of evil to deal with!
    • by glh ( 14273 )
      It is better when the genders balance out, then you can have them fight off one another.

      Hah, that is a good point :) I have never looked at it that way...
    • My parents had 3 daughters and 0 sons. Bwahahaha! Long live the X-chromosome!
  • by Chacham ( 981 )
    Thanx for the update.
  • you mean trimester? ;-)

    Hey you didn't think you were gonna waltz back in here and no one was gonna go all pedantic on your ass did you? good to hear from you!

    • by glh ( 14273 )
      Hah, did I say semester? Shesh, must have school on my mind still..

      Good to hear from you TL :) I still lurk in your JE's from time to time...
      • Because there are no pics, so the wife can't say you aren't just reading it for the articles? ;-)

        Actually, it's been a little slow lately... Atlanta girls aren't as easy to trick...err... impress as TN girls. I've really had to step up my game. On the other hand, "You should come visit me in ATL." has been my Ace in the Hole (now that everyone is playing Hold 'Em, should we change that saying to Pocket Pair) to win girls that were on the verge of submitting to my nefarious will.

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