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Journal MrKaos's Journal: We are the slashdot, i have been assimilated

I beleive technology is a gift. Thats why I was so interested in computers when I was a kid, and eventually made a living of it. So much to learn, which opens more doors and continues to develop me, I'm constantly amazed, the internet is like a western in cyberspace.

Which brings me to slashdot, innocently I came here thinking this is just a web site where nerdy people talk about nerdy things, but it's more, much more. Over the years I saw it building itself into an insidious massive network of connected human nodes who 'must read slashdot'.

I didn't notice at first, when I started reading in the late nineties, it made an interesting alternative to the newspaper or a magazine, at breakfast, or with a hot beverage. I didn't think it would affect me but soon, it became more noticable, like, you could get by without a coffee or a morning tea, but you would'nt be happy about it.

Then, it happened, the shift was so subtle, like trying to recognise a face you think you know,

'must read slashdot'

Oh, no "I'm addicted" I thought. I never realised how wrong I was, it was far worse than addiction. I start posting, and slowly I realised, "I'm inside a hive mind", but had it seen me? I couldn't look away - not because it was beautiful, more like, looking at a accident in slow motion. But the reality was it is more like some small animal looking at the headlights of a truck, and I'm the small animal. I'd stared too long. I thought "borg", but even the borgs assimilation process seemed quick and merciful compared to the slow roasting over flame I'd seen some nodes recieve on slashdot.

i pray to the great superconciousness it doesn't happen to me....wait.I.was.born.a.

religion not defined


i should get a subscription...resist..arrrrggggghhhhh...

must read slashdot.......nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

we are the slashdot..we.are.the.slashdot

You will be assimilated.i.have.been.assimilated

must read slashdot

Genius is ten percent inspiration and fifty percent capital gains.