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Journal curtisk's Journal: Week 1 of iMac-Conversion 6

Well its been one week since we took the plunge and bought an iMac as opposed to upgrading and going with Vista. We've been thinking about Macs for a long time now, we've used them in the past (errr... System 7 era ), and my Brother-in-law is a long time the end result after one week.....

Enthusiastically pleased and just *impressed* with the OS, the UI, the performance, the apps, really everything, this stuff is slick and solid. I told my Brother-in-Law he should have pushed harder, definitely one of those "shoulda done this sooner" events.

As corny, and as much as it sounds like marketing feel like you have a tool that enables you as opposed to something you have to manage all the time.

Glad we took the plunge!

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Week 1 of iMac-Conversion

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  • Don't forget, you can ask me questions about the Mac, too. You don't have to rely on your brother. :)
    • by curtisk ( 191737 )
      Thanks Sammy, I'm sure I'll have some questions, but so far the built-in help has been great, and GarageBand, I could burn hours in there, heh.
  • Why you would go to all new machines and an OS when you could have just used one of the better desktop distros on your exisiting machines, perhaps with just an extra RAM stick as the cheap hardware upgrade? I was a machead since .well, still got it, a 512k, but really prefer linux now. I can use much cheaper hardware, I have an advanced system, and it is full open source outside of a couple of blobs, which are still free beer. When my last machine croaked from some weird local grid electricity problem, I j
    • by curtisk ( 191737 )
      I attempted that route, but my existing machines are getting a little dated in their own right. I had an older Dell PC (~667Mhz/256RAM/20gb HD) decent small form factor machine but not enough umph when I tried multiple distros on it, maybe it was more a hardware thing, I dunno. The machine I was seriously trying to linux up is a Athlon (~1Ghz, 1 Gb Ram, forget HD size right now) but that one has motherboard issues(or at least that was current suspect, spotty IDE/UDMA connections) and in fact I'm still worki
      • by zogger ( 617870 )
        Fair enough answer! My old machine that croaked was an IBM PP 200 from '97 with 226 RAM, had that one up to Fedora core 4 on it, running fine.

        Try damn small linux or slax or austrumi or puppy on that older machine you have (I would stick to running them live, don't install them), they should work quite fine with that config. Fast, too, they will all load up to RAM and be fast as anything (check cheatcodes). Austrumi is my favorite,no cheatcodes needed for it to load all the way to RAM and then eject, freein
        • by curtisk ( 191737 )
          hmmmm..never heard of slax before, I'll give them a go, never even thought of running live, I tend to install

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