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Journal Philip K Dickhead's Journal: Army Establishes Psyops Branch 3

"Effective 16 October 2006, Psychological Operations was established as a basic branch of the Army, pursuant to the authority of Section 3063(a)(13), Title 10, United States Code."

That is the substance of General Order 30 (pdf) issued by Secretary of the Army Francis J. Harvey on January 12, 2007.

According to the Department of Defense Dictionary (JP 1-02), psychological operations are defined as "planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives. Also called PSYOP."

Posted by Steven Aftergood on January 15,:10 AM | Permalink

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Army Establishes Psyops Branch

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  • As a B5 style Psycops devision. Exactly how is this different from the propaganda put out by every bloody army on the planet since WWI?
    • Have you been comparing current events and groups to events and groups in Babylon 5? I know I have. What does this sound like?


      "The Vorlons are like your parents, I suppose," Justin continues. "They want you to play nice, clean your room, do it by the rules. I guess you could call them lords of order."

      "The others," Anna says, "the ones who live here, believe that strength only comes from conflict. They want to release our potential, not bottle it up."

      "It's really simple," Justin explains. "You bring two s
      • Yep- could have been written by PNAC, couldn't it? Seems to be the basic theory the neocons are operating on is definately the Shaddow theory. On the other side, you've got Big Mother government.

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