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Journal FirstNoel's Journal: I can't help it I need a release...WOW... 5

My time maybe tight right now, but I can't do Maddie's feedings. So I have a few minutes now and then for WOW.

I'm still on a 10 day trial, a friend from work gave me a key. Damn HIM!!! now I'm a 7th level Undead Warrior Herbalist Alchemist.

All I have to do is balance Family, Work, House, and WOW. Just what I needed. Oh well. Once Maddie gets a little bigger I can put her in the baby carrier and strap her to me. Then we can decimate the Alliance as Father and Daughter and rule the world!!! Hahhahah!!!

But now tonight I'm going to dinner with guys from work and the CIO. This should be interesting. I probably won't get home till 10. Just in time to take Maddie off Amy's hands so she can get a shower. Luckily these dinner things are few and far between.

I probably won't be on tonight at all.

I'm on Blackwater Raiders. ID: Device (It's french...De-vi-cai, yeah whatever.)


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I can't help it I need a release...WOW...

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  • play alliance on gilneas and we'll be there to help. Email me if you decide to. I'm on in the evenings eastern time.

    'Solemndragon,' of course.
    • After I thrashed RW about wasting money (then argued with dave) on WOW... I have to admit, it'd be fun to play with a buncha dotters.... if I end up playing, though, I'd probably play a support role more than a 'big player' role....
      • you're always welcome.

        Support roles are always a plus. I'm damage per second. Especially now the BBB has levelled up a proper tank. Blinder is a healer.

        I have a bear. When necessary, the bear tanks and i still get to shoot things, pewpewpew!!!

        We were resistant to the game for the same reason that you are: why pay for it over and over?

        The answer: It's worth it to have a game much larger than fits on your computer, and we're paying for them to keep the servers running.

  • Don't try to church it up, son. It's Dirt.
  • ... or triplets.
    The reason I say this is because there IS time. As a first time parent, you won't be able to see it, but the baby can be by itself, can play by itself, can even cry for a while without any ill effects (in fact, I'm all for having the baby cry a while before going to it during the toddler years... teaches them to calm themselves better when they reach the twos, threes, and fours). Anywho, hope your enjoying fatherhood (told you to get sleep beforehand!) ;)

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