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Journal Czarina Burrito's Journal: [TMI] Fun Fact of the Day 4

I like to think of this as less TMI than Com2Kid, though. There should be degrees of TMI. This is really like 3rd or 4th degree TMI. Technolust gets a special designation of TLTMI, rated T for teens. Okay, old joke. Anyway...

The "proximity" effect can and will beat out the "ingesting hormones" effect.

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[TMI] Fun Fact of the Day

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  • To which it looks like you can not currently respond.

    Are these degrees ascending or descending in severity?

    1st degree murder > 2nd degree murder
    1st degree burn 2nd degree burn
  • Like murder. Sex + bodily functions + deviancy + family = 1st degree.
  • Does it mean that YOUR ingestion of daily hormones failed in deference to proximity (as in the most proximate two people can get)? Or is this just another April Fool's?

    • Yes, but I mean proximity in the "regulating hormones" kind of way. Like the way that people close to a pregnant woman might start lactating or women who live together will have their periods at the same time. I am not lactating. I just thought I'd throw that out there in case there was any confusion.

      What I find interesting is that that proximity still has a strong effect when both parties involved are ingesting hormones.

      Yay! Comments can be replied to now!

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