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Journal enigma48's Journal: How do you say goodbye? (Nope, not a cheesy love story) 1

Has it really been two years?

I've been in Australia for nearly two years now - one studying, one working for an Aussie hosting company. One of the best experiences in my life... I couldn't write long enough to do the story justice so I won't.

Due to a family situation beyond my control, I'm heading home for the foreseeable future. Just like everyone else I'm trying to think of all the things that "I need to do" before I leave - touristy, "damn I shoulda done that while I was there!", general fun sort of stuff.

I'm aware this is partly a futile attempt to avoid having regrets.. but I'd still like to have a good month before I head home and I'm struggling to come up with a list.

Off the top of my head (no order/priority):

* See Ayer's Rock (aka Uluru)
* Visit Tasmania
* "Borrow" something mundane but memorable (i.e. a train station sign)
* Catch up with all friends, do the hard goodbye stuff, favourite restaurants, bars, taking lots of pictures, etc

I'm doing some practical stuff too (get transcripts of degree, do taxes, get a friend set up with a webcam) but I'm more interested in the lighter side of things.

Any ideas?

When you're done, go hug or call your mom. Yep, right away.

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How do you say goodbye? (Nope, not a cheesy love story)

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