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Journal webhat's Journal: Pike Conference in Riga 2

Just came back from Riga, Latvia. A beautiful place, but the pike conference I went to was really tiny and I spend 4 days in a room in the Latvian University.

Riga is really cheap - not just because the boss was paying. Beer is 1Ls., approx 1.20 EUR, and food is between .50Ls. - 4Ls. And Latvian is pretty easy to read if you have a basic knowledge of Northern European languages as it's Indo-European.

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Pike Conference in Riga

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  • there is a lake in northern arizona that has pike in it. they are incredibly fun to catch.
    i have a good friend who travels to riga on a regular basis to do some teaching. so i have seen a lot of great pictures from parts of latvia, though i've never been there myself. maybe someday.
    • Heh. I didn't think of fish. I am a SigEp, and our biggest rival fraternity was the Pikes. They were assholes known for slipping women date rape drugs because they weren't as cool as us and couldn't get women any other way. I'm glad he was talking about programming. :-)

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