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"Meets Expectations"

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  • That's better than having people spit on you. Which would be "meets expectorations". :-D
  • You got a raise, so whatever they want to say probably doesn't mean much. Now if they said, "Best thing that ever happened to this company" you (and anyone else getting something better than "meets expectations") would be wanting a bigger raise. Oh and congrats on the raise :-)
  • at a former place of employment i had a meeting with my boss once where she explained my "exceeds expectations" would have to be lowered to "meets expectations" because even though i did a great job, there was budgetary pressure to reduce the number of people receiving larger raises. that was right around the time i decided it wasn't worth it to try so hard. i still did my job well, i just didn't concentrate as hard on going the extra mile. i'd have probably kept it up if the work hadn't been so tedious
    • Yeah, I actually got my performance review (all 14 pages of it) back once with the rating numbers in the boxes in red pen, then some of them (the higher ones) had blue pen marking them out, with the next lower rating beside it. I asked my manager. she said the red was hers, and the blue was her manager's who "had to make changes because the raise budget was lowered and my rating required a higher raise than they could give me". I too decided that I wouldn't go the extra mile for them if they recognized i
  • A friend of mine once got a glowing performance review - "exceeds expectation", salary increase, glowing letter of thanks - then two weeks later he was summarily dismissed for poor performance.

    In another job, I sat in on the annual review panel where promotions and salary increases were being discussed. Three people who had been rated as "exceeds expectations" had their rating downgraded to "meets expectations" and five who "failed to meet expectations" were bumped up to "meets expectations" just so the "gr
  • 1. Is improving ability to know what what I'm thinking... in the future.
    2. Puts up with more flapdoodle and hogwash than anyone I know (thanks thesaurus.com).
    3. Is more dependable than gravity on the surface of the earth, NPR, or Depends brand undergarments, maybe. Whatever is the most dependable thing you can think of.
    4. Has both novel and hilarious things to add to conversation.
    5. Doesn't scold regard bad decisions made in the past, and offers good advice to prevent making more bad decisions.
    6. Enjoys a g
    • Oo! Guess what?! Some Guy bought a GameCube for MN, and he's leaving a little something that rhymes with ZarioTare behind when he leaves... So, you know...if you ever wanted a little wobblybobblycardycards dance off... you know where to go.
      • Yeah! We're so lucky.
        That finally gives me a reason to see the inside of your house!

        P.S. Have a nice ceremony, I'm off to Milwaukee!

I've got a bad feeling about this.