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Journal red5's Journal: Ticketmaster Loves me 9

The last while I've been buying up tickets like they're crack-rock or something. I'm going to four shows this week alone.

My itinerary is such:
  • Emily Haines at the Viper Room 9/21
  • George Thourgood at the Greek Theater 9/22
  • Inland Invasion 9/23
  • Massive Attack at the Hollywood Bowl 9/24
  • Wolfmother at the Palladium 9/28
  • Art Brut at the Henrey Fonda 9/30
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Palladium 10/02
  • Rancid at the Henrey Fonda 10/19
  • Be Your Own Pet at the Echo 10/20
  • She Wants Revenge at the Greek Theater 10/22

What are you guys up to?

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Ticketmaster Loves me

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  • by Tet ( 2721 )
    Bit of a slow couple of months for me, so just the following at the moment:
    • 2006.09.26 - Blind Guardian / Astral Doors
    • 2006.09.29 - Bloodstock '06 (Primal Fear, Savage Circus, Axel Rudi Pell, To-Mera et al)
    • 2006.09.30 - Bloodstock '06 (My Dying Bride, Deathstars, Machine Men, Illuminatus et al)
    • 2006.10.13 - Lacuna Coil / Poisonblack
    • 2006.10.23 - Season's End / Awake / Innogen
    • 2006.10.31 - Lordi / Turisas

    Things pick up a bit in November, with up to 10 gigs I may go to.

    • by red5 ( 51324 )
      I'm thinking bout heading to jolly old London for x-mass. Any good shows around the end of December I should know about?
      • by Tet ( 2721 )
        Any good shows around the end of December I should know about?

        Depends what your musical tastes are like. For me, the only gigs I have lined up for December are:

        • 2006.12.11 -- Mike Tramp's White Lion
        • 2006.12.14 -- Dragonforce / All That Remains / Firewind
        • 2006.12.22 -- Iron Maiden / Some crappy support band

        The best place to check for gigs in London is Stargreen: []. The list is a bit sparse for December at the moment, but it'll pad out over the next couple of mon

  • I just saw Massive Attack last weekend at the ACL music festival. Very cool. I would have liked to see them play much longer than the 90 minute set.
    • by red5 ( 51324 )
      I was very Impress with their performance at Coachella. It'll be nice to not have to deal with the TOOL fans booing them this time. TOOL fans are tools.
  • The Sadies with Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer & Sadies) Thursday (9/21) - Beachland Ballroom
    WCSB 30th Birthday Party Saturday (9/23) - Beachland Ballroom
    Boatzz Saturday (9/30) - Grog Shop
    Michael Ian Black & Michael Showalter (10/12) - Grog Shop
    Robyn Hitchcock Sunday (11/12) - Beachland Ballroom
    Jamie Lidell (11/13) - Grog Shop
    Lemonheads (12/9) - Grog Shop
  • I'd been wanting to for a while, but now I met someone that will go with me, so it's easier.
    • by red5 ( 51324 )
      It just pisses me off I didn't hear about the Killers tour till it sold out. The new albumn it's even out yet and the whole US tour sells out WTF!?!?

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