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Journal AntiFreeze's Journal: Where my Jews at? 5

Did the High Holy days just sneak up on anybody else?

They start sundown this Friday and I haven't even found a synagogue out here in the Bay Area yet. Guess I better get a move on.

Oh, for those about to offer advice, I'm in San Jose, not San Fran, so it's a bit more difficult than one would think (or so I'm guessing, I really haven't done any searching yet, just kvetching, sue me).

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Where my Jews at?

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  • here ya go [], assuming you're down with Reform.

    I hope this helps, from a non-Californian, non-Jew (I have Jewish friends in the South Bay, though).

  • But he was non-practicing. His Uncle's name was Avram.

    If you lived in Berkeley, it'd probably be easier.

    You know me, I'm no Jew. I'm no Christian. Hell, I'm no Western religion.

    Have fun with them holy days. I *am* reading about the Jews and their religion right now, though, in my World Religions book.
    • I *am* reading about the Jews and their religion right now, though, in my World Religions book.

      My friend and I once talked about starting a Religion-of-the-Month Club. Each month we sent you the religious materials you needed for your next 30 days of Faith. This month you're a Zen Buddhist. You believe in the following...

      • Better still, a Deity of the Month Club. Buddhism, you wouldn't have one. :) Neither with Taoism. With Islam, Judaism & Christianity, you'd have the same one. Hinduism...hoo, boy! :)

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