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Journal WilliamSChips's Journal: Console Wars 2

This post has two replies that show the community has grown an irrational kneejerk hatred(Sony, and before you say rootkit, that was BMG) that exceeds the power of the (mostly) rational kneejerk hatred(Microsoft). One is claiming he's a Sony shill for even claiming to dispute the holy fact that PS3 sucks. Here's my original post to him which I can't post because for some reason I'm banned:

Why, because they don't share the ZOMG HALLOWED opinion that the PS3 ZOMG TEH TOTALLY SUCKZ?
My opinions are as such:

  • The Wii is going to lead the market, but not by as much as the hype predicts.
  • The PS3 is going to break even. There may or may not be a PS4.
  • The 360... well, let's just say that if it doesn't send Microsoft's stock price spiraling down then they'll be lucky.

The second said something about Sony shill ACs spreading FUD and lies, while said user didn't post any rebuttal of any kind, instead operating on the irrational kneejerk hatred of Sony.

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Console Wars

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  • Sorry, but if you don't conform to whatever is the current slashdot flavor of the day opinion, people downmod you hard. Especially when you're argumentative about it. It isn't fair, but that's what happens.

    However, since you can't post it, I'll do you the favor of a reply.

    1. Actually, the Wii is going to do extremely well. They have the zeitgeist and that's 90 percent of the console war battle.

    2. Sony is losing it's pants on this. I owned Sony until this Spring, and sold all my 500 shares and bought Nint
  • that's an interestnig little discussion. though it gets hard to tell who isn't a fan boy.

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