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Journal leviramsey's Journal: An idea just popped into my head... 2

Why not surreptitiously drop oil-eating bacteria into Middle Eastern oil wells?

Enviros would be happy due to reduced petroleum supplies.

Western oil companies (few, if any, of whom have any drilling interests in the MidEast) would be happy due to reduced supplies increasing prices for their oil.

Alternative energy interests would be happy (due to generally rising petroleum prices).

The only losers are the MidEastern oil states, and those who are dependent on specifically MidEastern oil extraction (including, for instance, Islamic terrorist groups).

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An idea just popped into my head...

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  • Bacteria can't really eat pure crude. They are great for cleaning up contaminated wter or soil, but a lake with a film of oil is a lot different than pure crude. Bacteria love sugar too, but drop them into a bowl of sugar and they die because the environment is just too extreme.
    • He's right. It'd be like dropping me in the Playboy Mansion. I'd be dead in a matter of weeks. (But what a way to go, ya know?)

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