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Journal stinky wizzleteats's Journal: Got scanned by the **AA 1

I was absently checking out my April web site stats, and found some interesting data. Mac is up to 7%, Firefox beat out IE by 10% - woah! 2.5 gigs! What the hell?!

I did some digging, and found out that one address - - had pulled a gigabyte of data down from my site. reports that this address is part of a netblock owned by "Hollywood Interactive". Hmm... I wonder what this could be about.

I checked the web logs, and this host worked through every single link on every single page on my website, downloading every single stitch of data contained therein. It hit login prompts for php apps, worked through every single entry in Gallery at every single possible resolution - EVERYTHING.

I did some poking around, and found that the netblock in question has been implicated in p2p network poisoning, so I have concluded that this was a content scan by the **AA to see if I have any copyrighted stuff on my web site. Yeah, just keep scanning dipshits. Nothing to see here but my son's Cub Scout photos.

Needless to say I made some adjustments to my firewall. No one from that netblock is touching any of my gear again. Bastards.
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Got scanned by the **AA

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    Maybe a few goatse pictures for them. Yeah probably not worth it I know (plus if google ended up indexing them, ick). Or hey, you could make a few custom php scripts for them; for everyone except them, they see a kitten, only their netblock sees goatse. Sweet.

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