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Journal Billly Gates's Journal: Whats wrong with Opensource developers 2

Is anyone reading this sick and tired of the ".. well it works on my system... shrugs shoulders" attitude of developers who run the same packages with different hardware/software combinations as yourself?

I made the mistake of using -03 in Gentoo and everything is a mess and buggy. I had the infamous virtual terminal bug re-emerge. Its rare and it only affects my motherboard... I think? Virtual terminals ceast to work and alt backspace doesn't work either. This leaves me hitting the reset button on my computer when X acts up. Yes my files are correct.

The bug was fixed recently but it has now re-emerged. I tried posting about it a million times only to be insulted about how not to setup /etc/xorg.conf. I mentioned exactly what is in the file that appears correct only to hear next, well it works on my system. Problem must be you.

Funny how these opensource zealots attack proprietary software companies for not clearing bugs or not listening to their users? Well commercial software in my opinion is becoming better quality well opensource is going downhill.

It was never this bad back in the redhat 5.x days? Things used to just work and bugs were fixed. Then the windoze developers came in and changed things.

Well dont flame us if we switch back to windows or pick Solaris over linux in certain environments. Claiming by blind zealotry without reason that your better without offering an alternative will not help.

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Whats wrong with Opensource developers

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