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Journal bejiitas_wrath's Journal: Zenwalk Linux Kernel Troubles.

The XBOX 360 problem has been found to be a problem with the power supply. Apparently it overheats due to insufficient cooling air when sitting on the carpet. Of course I just needs more cooling vents to allow hot air to rise out of the top of the device and vents in the bottom to let air in the bottom. And feet to keep it off the floor. I could design a better power supply than that in my sleep. I guess the power supply was sending irregular power signals to the unit and making it crash. Oh well, I guess you could design a power smoothing device to wire between the XBOX and the power supply to reduce the incidence of crashes but it would be better to just drill holes in the top of the power supply to allow the hot air to rise out of the top. Then cooler air would be drawn in the bottom. As long as you keep it off the floor. You could get a plastic or wire mesh paper bin and turn it upside down and sit the power supply brick on top of it. Then you would get more airflow.

I am really annoyed with Linux, right now, I downloaded and compiled cdrtools to burn a CD,and the cdrecord program will not work with Kernel I hope they get that fixed soon, otherwise I will need to install a 2.4 kernel and use that. Although, Mepis had the same problem. I really need to get the CD done! Anyway, my system is a lot better than Windows XP, and Windows 2000, Windows XP is already 5 years old! My Kernel is only about 6 months old and is currently up to version 2.6.14 according to This means if I installed that Kernel, I would have a kernel only about a month or so old! And you do not need string to keep the Linux Kernel cool... I wish I knew why Windows 2000 is so bad, but I guess it is just the OS in general. Windows 3.1 was not too bad, but also not that good. But at least you could exit Windows and get back to MSDOS. Although the safe mode in Windows XP is just a graphical screen with a command prompt window floating in the middle, which I like very much indeed. Because it keeps the Newbies away. And a tip for Windows XP users, Running scandisk and chkdisk once a month is not a complete system check. A full registry cleanup and scan with Adaware would be better, that program is rather good at what it does. Even though Windows XP is hardly a good operating system compared to Linux when it comes to security matters. Microsoft would rather sell you a program to fix the problems with their OS rather than do it themselves. And that totally sucks when they have Billions of dollars they could spend on fixing their OS and they just do not seem to care anymore about the many security issues inherent in their software. Especially Microsoft Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger, and that annoying `net send` command. That one makes me very mad indeed. It may be annoying to have to re-boot after running the chkdsk and scandisk stuff in Windows XP, but in Linux after running fsck you have to re-boot as well and that is fair enough. But Jesus Fucking Christ the fucking command shell in Windows XP is totally rank, it uses the TAB key but not for auto-completion of commands such as chkdsk and explorer and notepad, mkdir etc, even csh is better than this, or tcsh. Both are rather good.

I wish there was a way to replace the Microsoft DOS command shell in Windows XP with FreeDOS, that is a million times better. Or a DOS version of BASH.

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Zenwalk Linux Kernel Troubles.

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