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Journal Stephen Samuel's Journal: Is Sony a beachhead? 1

The head of the RIAA has mentioned that Sony isn't the only company putting malware onto their CDs. The question, then, is: Should we be using Sony as a beachhead to get the public up in arms about what the media companies are doing, and planning to do with our privacy, viewing rights and purchaser rights?
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Is Sony a beachhead?

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  • And we've been on the beach for a long time. I'd say the oligarchs really started succeeding with their serious invasions in America around the time of Reagan, and the current situation is more like "we the people" have been pushed all the way across the island/continent and we are now defending the beach to keep from being pushed all the way into the water. It doesn't matter how much money and power the rich bastards have. They still want more.

    The Sony thing is only getting press because "you the suckers

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