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Journal MrHanky's Journal: Oh man, this site is crap 2

Just look at the discussion in the OS X for cheap wind-up powered third world 128 MB laptop declined article. Slashdot has finally become even worse than OSNews! Even worse than the BBS discussions between Amiga fanbois and PC apologists!

Half of the commenters are rabid fanboys of one OS or the other, and so are most of the moderators. Where's the technical discussion? How the fuck can someone seriously think that OS X would be easy to use and come with the iApps suite at 1 GB of storage, when OS X demands 3 GB just for the default install? And how the fuck can someone think KDE would be much easier on the RAM requirements?

I refuse to contribute to such a discussion. Fuck them. This site used to be technical. These days, it's just moronic.

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Oh man, this site is crap

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  • Technical? On /.? You must be new around here. ;-)

    Seriously, I think the main source of the problems is abuse of anonymity, including in moderation.

    • No, it's not always anonymity. Some, yes, are just trolling for responses or karma. I have no problem with trolls, if they are clever or funny. The problem is the fanboyism, and the lack of insight. The Mac fanatics are screaming about zealotry because the developers wanted an open source OS instead of OS X. I'm sure there is some sort of irony in there, somewhere.

      The problem is fanboys, and stupid people.

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