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Journal Taco Cowboy's Journal: The Danger of Over-Reliance on the Net 2

Since its inception the Net has taken over much of human civilization's attention and it has become the main viaduct for much of the communication and information flow, so much so that the act of letter-writing has become an ancient (and almost extinct) art

In other words, an over-reliance on the Internet has developed, and the problem is getting more and more serious

Internet will not last forever, and if that happen, what will human societies become?

History is filled with stories of collapsed of civilization, one of which we can learn lesson from is the Late Broze Age Collapse http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_Bronze_Age_collapse

Before the arrival of late bronze age collapse, nation states around the Mediterranean Sea and the Anatolia region had trading ties with each others. Along with the trade ties, cultural exchanges ensured that new ideas, new stories, new designs continually replendish and revive the otherwise isolated cultural groupings dotting along the coast line of the Mediterranean

However, with the collapses of the Hittite empire and the New Kingdom of Egypt, trade between the nation states dwindled and cultural centers all around the Mediterranean Sea suffered a domino-effect cultural crash

While people might argue that the Internet will not fail, that it will go on forever, but what if it fails and ceases to exist ? What will happen next ?

Our over-reliance on the Net is a worrying trend, and we should ponder the possible consequence before it happen
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The Danger of Over-Reliance on the Net

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  • While I agree that the loss of the 'Net could be part of the regression to a Dark Age, I suspect that it would be a secondary symptom and a component of a cascade failure of civilisation, rather than a precipitant. Even if major solar activity took down most of the Web and destroyed a lot of the infrastructure, we would be in a position to re-build it. It would cost us a lot of productivity and lives, but I think we'd return to the status quo fairly quickly.

    On the other hand, the worldwide socio-political s

  • "Our over-reliance on the Net is a worrying trend, and we should ponder the possible consequence before it happen"

    The density of stupid in this statement is overwhelming.

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