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Journal JabberWokky's Journal: By the Three Kennedys!! 6

Here is the post that actually inspired this journal. This is a *really* obscure one, and I'll be impressed if anybody can get it without Googling.

I'm not sure if I should highlight where the reference is in the post or not. If people start nailing the references nearly instantly, I may just link to the post without actually stating what the reference is.

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By the Three Kennedys!!

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  • by kurt vonnegut...

    or any of his older, 60s/70s based science fiction, where the kennedy's would continually become presidents, etc.
    • ISTR a similar reference in a Babylon 5 episode, although that could have been a tribute to KV.

      I'm pretty sure I have a copy of the Vonnegut book you're referring to -- however I have about 3 times as many books as bookshelves to fit them, so finding it might be somewhat trying :)
  • by Heinlein. At the party at the end of the book (which deals with alternative histories), one of the participants has, in his/her world, had a series of Presidents Kennedy.
  • Doc always says it.
    • Bingo!

      The rest of the guesses were fairly good - I liked the Heinlein guess, since NotB was a favorite of mine (if just for the multiverse convention at the end with SCA and Dorsai hanging out and choosing to go to Vahalla or be resurrected to fight again).

      But throughout Deathlands, Doc uses that specific phrase several times in every book. More than that, he speaks in a stilted formal tone (having been trawled through time twice) which I tried to emulate through the rest of the sentence.


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