Submission + - Robot Inspector To Assess Building Quality In Singapore

An anonymous reader writes: A team of robotics researchers has developed a high-tech robot to speed up building inspection and assessment processes in Singapore. The robot, armed with laser scanners and cameras, has been built to detect the smallest of cracks and defects in a building’s structure. Named Quality Inspection and Assessment Robot, or QuicaBot, the machine was created by engineers from Nanyang Technological University, alongside local industrial developer JTC and startup CtrlWorks. A year in development, the robot can move autonomously, scanning entire rooms in minutes using a collection of sensors and cameras. The devices include a small laser scanner for navigating and mapping; a bigger laser scanner for detecting surface irregularities; an inclinometer to inspect the levelness of the floor; a thermal infrared camera for checking for hollow sections; and a small standard colour camera for capturing evidence of damage and disrepair.

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Polygraph, just clench your butt checks, this raises your blood pressure and breathing enough to cook results (if you are bored and don't care about the test, do the butt check rumba, switching cheeks, in a musical beat, remember not to over clinch as you will bounce around on the seat, ;D). Of course you could just be born a psychopath and the charade of polygraph (the measure of reactions to questions, based upon the ability of the actor carrying out the test convincing you the test works, regardless of any answers you give, answering those question is just part of the charade).

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Google finally launches its Allo messaging app
Google promised it would release both Allo and Duo, its new chat and video calling apps, this summer. Duo landed more than a month ago, but Allo is just barely squeaking under the wire before it's technically autumn. The Allo site is now live, and it ...
Google abandoned its plan to launch a cool privacy feature with its new messaging appBusiness Insider
Google Allo review: This is fineThe Verge
What is Google Allo? What is Google Duo? Google Allo is coming out todayPC Advisor
CNET-SlashGear-Phone Arena-TechCrunch
all 244 news articles

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Probably quite difficult. That said, miles probably don't mean what you think they mean. United has three categories of air miles:
  • Lifetime flight miles are the total number of miles that you've flown. These count towards your million mile status (when you get enough in this category, you get status for life).
  • Premiere qualifying miles. These are the number of miles that you've flow, with a few small tweaks, which count towards your premiere status for the next year (25K for silver, 50K for gold, and so on).
  • Award miles. These expire if you don't fly with them for a while (18 months, I think), accumulate roughly in proportion to the number of dollars you spend with them (with a multiplier for your premiere status) and can be used to buy flights, upgrades, and so on.

I believe that this person was given 15 million award miles. That doesn't mean that he can use them to fly a million miles. For example, a transatlantic flight (around 2.5-6K miles, depending on the route) booked with award miles costs either 30K or 60K (depending on whether you want a guaranteed flight or a chance to be bumped). And you still need to pay airport taxes for the trip (likely around $100-150). If you want to upgrade to business class, I think it's another 20K miles and a $500 fee.

That said, 15M award miles is probably enough that he'd never need to pay full price for a flight ever again. It's enough for 125 transatlantic round trips, which is a lot more than most people take in a lifetime (though some people obviously do: you can spend all of those miles without reaching million miler status).

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ausentry writes: In current time, Australian government providing many options to entrepreneur, investors and students to migrate to Australia permanently. Get in touch to know the visas options, requirements, with total transparent process.

Comment Re:Windows 10 is a virus according to your definit (Score 1) 259

After what you said and I have confirmed this on the web as well. I stand corrected, Windows 10 is not just Malware it also meets the criteria for a virus as well.

I have Windows 10 in a virtual machine (installed from ISO that I downloaded rom Microsoft) using a legitimate Windows 7 license. When I did the customize installation I was appalled at all the features which were by default turned on and you would get this if you did the so-called Quick Install. Another annoyance was the fact that you also have to fiddle with the Registry to further lock the OS down and even then it is almost impossible to stop the OS from talking to IP addresses that when you check are owned by Microsoft. I have not run Windows 10 since and that was over three months ago.

To be honest, I don't miss Windows anything since I have been running Linux (now Fedora 24 KDE spin) for well over seven years and although I do play computer games I am quite happy with my backwards compatible PS3 (it still works) and my PS4. Also, I have yet to find an MS Windows application that I can't find a Linux equivalent for.

Submission + - Wireless CCTV Security System Installation Los Angeles (

dsmlacctv writes: Today is the era of science and technology. Some customers prefer wireless gadgets instead of gadgets with wires. We bring you a whole range of wireless products for your homes and offices so you can install them and enjoy an extraordinary wireless security system. Our professional and trained staff members will provide you installation services according to your needs. We provide our customers with high quality wireless cameras which you can install anywhere. So contact us and order yours today.

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An anonymous reader writes: TEKSON IT Services Provide INFORMATICA Online Training by excellent experienced IT professionals. We are providing excellent INFORMATICA Online Training by real-time IT industry experts. We provide detailed material to the students so that students can understand in a proper way. All our students were happy and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, and Europe.

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Submission + - 5 Mistakes I Made on My First Day as a Webcam Model (

Alina Popescu writes: It takes time to learn how things work, and it’s inevitable to make mistakes once you start a new job. I was extremely stressed out on my first day as a webcam model, so I really messed things up. Fortunately, I was working for Studio 20, the best cam studio in the world, and the people there encouraged and helped me regain my self-confidence. I hope that other webcam models learn from my mistakes and that they manage to get through their first day successfully and relaxed:

1. I was in a hurry

I only remember a ding and an announcement: "You are now in paid chat." Suddenly, I panicked. What now?", I fearfully wondered. Oh yes, I'll put on a show”, I said to myself. I stripped in less than 30 seconds and then realized I made a big mistake because there was nowhere to go from there.
You are paid by the minute during the private sessions. So, the more minutes you spend with the member, the more money you make. If you panic, it’s best to take a deep breath and calm down. Greet your clients with a smile. Take your time and don’t rush them through. When a client takes you privately, he often has a certain idea in his mind, so it’s best to say hello and ask him whether he has any special requests for the session. If the answer is no, then you can make use of your imagination and perform your standard show of.

2. I took my clothes off for free

Most live cam websites’ members don’t want to spend any money in private chat and there’s nothing you can do to change this. They are everywhere and they try to take advantage of naive and emotional webcam models like I was on my first day at Studio 20. Just as I started chatting, someone posted John99 has tipped the webcam model 100 tokens". I would have realized it was a scam and I wouldn’t have lifted my t-shirt for free if I wasn’t so overwhelmed and nervous that moment. I came to the conclusion that I was tricked into stripping after I checked my stats and I saw nothing but zeros. A webcam model always knows when she gets paid because the announcement is displayed in a different color than the usual chat messages.

3. I surrendered to that nervous feeling

It takes courage to be a webcam model. Even though you are anonymous and you can project whatever aspects of your personality in this webcam job, you still have to handle the pressure. It’s absolutely normal to feel butterflies in your stomach on your first day of work, but you shouldn’t let this overwhelm you. Type a few sentences before you open your microphone to get used to the atmosphere and shake off that nervous feeling.

4. I tried too hard to be seductive

It’s a bad idea to try to seduce your potential clients no matter what. Clients can feel your desperation and it isn’t attractive at all. The best thing you can do is relax and try to adapt to the situation. You don’t always have to put on a hot show to get paid. Try to have an optimistic attitude and to be authentic. It’s far sexier!

5. I tried to copy another webcam model

At first, I had the wrong idea of how a webcam model should be like. I tried to mimic that image and I was so fake that nothing good came out of it. Not to mention the exhaustion that I felt at the end of that day! Being yourself is, indeed, the best advice in any field. Live cam websites’ members want to communicate with someone genuine, with whom they can build a lasting friendship. Be yourself and have patience. Your true fans will have an easier time finding you if you don’t try to copy another webcam model.

Comment Re:It's a dispute between zebra specialists. (Score 1) 295

A fine theory, except that Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy isn't regular child abuse.

Numbers are hard to come by, but unlike 'regular' child abuse it looks like it's on the order of perhaps a couple hundred per year. It seems like a "zebra" no matter who is looking at it (judge or doctor.)

I mean just think about this for a second. Most people do not like hanging around in hospitals and doctors' offices, and within that strange group we're looking at a further subset of people who are willing to poison their own child just for the pleasure of doing exactly that (plus the occasional sympathy hug and Hallmark card, presumably.)

Correlation of symptom severity and the mother's visits is extremely weak for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is confirmation bias.) Unless there's some other dramatic piece of evidence that hasn't come out yet, this appears to be a rather large fuckup, not an easy-to-make mistake fueled by a little too much self-righteousness.

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