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Comment Re:Who calls MS for support? (Score 1) 712

A little trick I've found that works...
Try and verify and watch if go down in flames. :)
Call in and type in the long code in the phone system (using the keypad on speaker, not speech recognition at I always had to keep trying over and over.
Once the automated systems starts spitting out the numbers, or if you had to talk to a human simply hang up.
Close the activation window, open it back up and it will activate now.

And yes being nice to the human is a good think, I usually just said thank you, It's activated now and then hung up.

Now this only works on real keys, it will still fail on banned keys like Devil's Own and Dell's VLK


Comment Re:Any practical use? (Score 1) 107

Plenty, possibly not so much on phones (although I can still see some use there,) but on tablets a great use would be running something like Photoshop. Also the ability to run those fancy enterprisy apps that require windows. Games can work, but mostly strategy for lack of input. I would like to use my tablet and put on something like PC Stitch and be able to use my low cost Android tablet, instead of having to buy a $1000 tablet just to run a couple of apps.


Evaluating Patent Troll Myths 167

An anonymous reader writes "In a guest post on the Patently-O blog, Villanova University professor Michael Risch summarizes his detailed study into the methods and efficacy of patent trolls. He writes, 'It turns out that most of what I thought about trolls — good or bad — was wrong.... Perhaps the biggest surprise in the study was the provenance of patents. I thought most patents came from failed startups. While such patents were represented (about 14% of initial assignees were defunct), most came from companies still in business in 2010. Indeed, more than a third of the initial assignees were publicly traded, a subsidiary of a public company, or venture capital recipients. Only 21% were patent assertion entities at the time the patent issued, and many of those were inventor owned companies (like Katz) rather than acquisition entities (like Acacia). ... Another area of surprise was patent quality. While trolls almost never won their cases if they went to judgment (only three cases led to an infringement finding on the merits), the percentage of patents invalidated on the merits was lower than I expected.'"

Comment Re:just cutting the cashiers and then you will nee (Score 1) 333

and LP.

You mean like propane? Actually wrong as there are places around here, usually in from of Home Depot and the like that have a 24hr LP station. It has lots of pre-filled bins and after one pays with CC and a terminal next to it a bin is unlocked to take a full bottle out and put your empty in.

Comment Re:Victimless "crime" (Score 1) 379

Poker makes its money by raking a little money from each pot and charging vigorish on tournament fees. They don't care who wins or loses. They just want more people playing more hands per hour for larger stakes.

The thing is that's easy to know if all 5 people are at the table. If you are on-line and have say 4 people in 4 states at the 'table' how does one know they actually lost to another player. All 4 people could have lost the same hand as the program doesn't have to show player 1 and player 2 the same things. House gets the plot plus all 4 players bets (Of course sometimes it does let a player win, have to keep the player spending you know.)

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