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Comment: Re:National Museum of Mathematics (Score 2) 96

by zurmikopa (#47415061) Attached to: The Billionaire Mathematician

I went there with my son who was 3 at the time as well as my wife. It was fun and they had some neat things. Some of the exhibits were clearer than others. The light-floor, for example, was great for kids to entertain themselves on, but actually figuring out what was going on could be tricky, even if you read the description. (This is because it cycled through a number of algorithms.)

Comment: Re:Call me tron (Score 1) 46

by zurmikopa (#47095577) Attached to: Hands-On With Sony's VR Headset

I wrote a thing that does that (virtualizes monitors) but the resolution (at least with the original rift) makes it unusable. I'm hoping DK2 improves things enough that it at least isn't a horrible option, but 960x1080 per eye is probably still too low. Smearing was also a big problem for monitor virtualization, but DK2 should have mostly fixed that.

Comment: Re:Not Publicly Available Information! (Score 1) 693

by zurmikopa (#35073964) Attached to: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Google Search Results

That information gathering is opt-in, so it isn't quite as big of a deal. My guess is that Microsoft wanted to improve their search results by seeing what users actually clicked on for a search. They thought "well, we get some good data from seeing what they click on when they search on Bing, but we can get *vastly more* data if we also gather what people click on for other search engines". That is, I'm not convinced their intent was to specifically take results from Google, but rather to get metrics on what their users found to be relevant results, no matter their preferred search engine. However, when the search terms didn't previously exist, the actions of a few gave more importance to these metrics than was warranted, and essentially imported Google's data since having some result was better than having no result.

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by zurmikopa (#34597460) Attached to: Word Lens — Augmented Reality Translation

The overlay in the correct place is not only the wow factor but exactly why it is more useful. Needing translation is socially awkward enough, but spending the extra time to figure out what part of the sign correlates with which text isn't really time that I have. It's like moving from the original world of text editing with markup to wysiwyg. (Of course, I have no idea how it does with complex sign formatting)

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