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Comment: Re:unbelievable, yet very believable (Score 1) 492

by zootread (#31248914) Attached to: Apple Bans Sexy Apps, Developers Upset

You sit in coffee shops for hours with your Apple devices wearing black turtlenecks and sipping over-priced latte's

I don't drink coffee so I don't really know what goes down in coffee shops (other than the ones in Amsterdam). I also live in the south, where turtlenecks simply don't make sense and I at least don't see any men wearing them (women occasionally). Is this character you described really a common sighting?

Microsoft is merely incompetent with their products. Apple, despite it's higher technical competence, is flat out evil incarnate.

Are you saying that Microsoft is not evil? If you're throwing around the word evil, you'll at least have to admit that Microsoft is evil (or at least that their is a large number of people who regard MS as evil). And I'll take competent and evil over incompetent and evil.

Personally, I'm just glad there is a UNIX-based desktop OS that is mainstream and has industry support as a desktop OS. And I can easily move to another UNIX / UNIX-like when I become unhappy with Apple (I switched from Linux on the desktop, and have used UNIX since before Linux existed).

Comment: Re:Not even Sony would try this (Score 1) 337

by zootread (#27236835) Attached to: Dell's Adamo Goes After MacBook Air

Lately, I have been seeing TV commercials from Dell that say, using imagery, "stand in line to buy this and you will come out groovy and cool." Perhaps they are attempting to take a page from Apple's play-book, but the problem is that Apple's established image and Dell's established image are very different. You don't just pop up out of nowhere and say "hey! suddenly we're cool hipsters!"

What are you talking about? Dell's always been cool. Don't you remember "duuuuude, you're so high, you're getting a Dell"

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