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Comment: Re:The solution (Score 3) 144

by zizzo (#44538507) Attached to: Bad Connections Dog Google's Mountain View Wi-Fi Network

I can tell you as a bonafide resident of Mountain View the net work is not over saturated. It is simply unusable. There was a brief time where the secure variant worked passably well but that doesn't even work now. I honestly suspect the problem is just the access points are not receiving any physical maintenance and are falling into disrepair. There's enough alive to maintain the visible SSID but that's about it.

Comment: Re:I don't get it... (Score 1) 225

by zizzo (#33724938) Attached to: Bookmark Synchronizer Xmarks Hangs Up Their Hats

Here's the deal:

I have 4 computers at home, running windows and MacOSX. I have 1 at work running Windows. Many of these dual boot and run Linux. Two of them have VMs running guest OSes. All of them have multiple browsers; some combination of IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. I use all of them, not because I'm crazy but because the "best" browser changes every 6 months. XMarks managed to keep my bookmarks synced across all these browsers and all these OSes. And it did it painlessly.

I'm not sure why everyone thinks I should "man" up and write my own. I didn't write my own browser, OS, GUI, etc. A fool makes new tools when existing ones are already on the workbench.

Comment: Um. No. (Score 1) 799

by zizzo (#30565184) Attached to: How To Teach a 12-Year-Old To Program?

Your question has a lot of what you want, not what he wants. So ponder that for a moment: if he doesn't have any interest, you're wasting both your time and his time, plus causing aggravation and friction. Ask him if he's interested, ask him what kinds of things he would like to develop, and go from there.

Javascript, by the way, is the new BASIC. It's ubiquitous and you can get results quickly.

Comment: Re:vs iPhone (Score 1) 144

by zizzo (#28173947) Attached to: Palm Pre Reviewed

My understanding is that the applications (initially anyway) are all CSS, HTML, and Javascript. The Pre isn't multi-tasking several apps, but running webkit in multiple threads. Stability shouldn't be a problem.

You've clearly never done any multithreaded programming.

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