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Comment: Easy solution (Score 4, Interesting) 984

by zigziggityzoo (#43137113) Attached to: Ohio Judge Rules Speed Cameras Are a Scam
Change the penalty for moving violations from a monetary fine to a mandatory community service.

The incentive for police to write frivolous tickets will disappear, and people who are caught will be made to spend real time helping their community in some way, benefitting them, and costing them time, which is more valuable than money.

Comment: Re:This is the long term future (Score 2, Insightful) 414

by zigziggityzoo (#42612897) Attached to: A Humanoid Robot Named "Baxter" Could Revive US Manufacturing
The original luddites were afraid of this very thing - advances in loom technology turned weaving jobs from highly skilled labor into a job someone could learn in a few hours.

This sort of thing will happen over and over again. And as progress marches onward, most of us still manage to find work.

Comment: As a photographer myself... (Score 2) 326

by zigziggityzoo (#40951611) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best On-Site Backup Plan?
As a photographer myself (Though only around 4TB of photos at current) here's my setup:

Onsite backup: Drobo to Drobo.

Offsite backup: Backblaze. I pay $4/mo (2 years prepaid). This is a secondary backup. It still has everything, but I rely on the local backup to retrieve something should my primary storage fail, and the offsite is for when things burn to the ground or someone steals my stuff or lightning takes everything out. Really it's cheap, it's just that initial backup which takes an eternity and might get you in trouble with your ISP. Fortunately I was able to use the local university 1gbit connection to reduce my initial backup time to just 18 days (straight).

Comment: Re:really??? (Score -1) 666

by zigziggityzoo (#40932617) Attached to: Man Orders TV On Amazon, Gets Shipped Assault Rifle
No. An Assault rifle cannot fire in fully-automatic mode. Assault Rifle, as generally used today, refers to semi-automatic firearms ONLY (Since fully-automatic firearms have been largely banned since 1986, with old ones grandfathered in if you pass a 4-month federal background check process and pay the tax). Way to spread the FUD.

In Fact, Assault rifles differ from their brothers, "hunting" or "Sporting" rifles, in cosmetics only.

Comment: Re:Deep Thought (Score 1) 86

by zigziggityzoo (#36550162) Attached to: iPad Account Hacker Pleads Guilty
That's not the same. With a GET, I'm actually asking a server for something, and the server gives it to me, tells me no, or ignores me. This is akin to knocking on the door and asking for a cup of sugar. They say the internet is like a giant corkboard on your front door for a reason - and that we should be careful in what we should put online. So should corporations with other people's data.

+ - Open Source Flashlight Gaining Traction->

Submitted by zigziggityzoo
zigziggityzoo writes: Inventor and battlebot-champion Christian Carlberg is turning an idea for an open source flashlight into reality with this kickstarter campaign. End-users will be able to both change the default brightness via serial interface, and re-flash the uC via USB interface. Additionally, the CAD drawings for the flashlight housing and the breadboard drawings will be released for the public's use as well.

At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has already far exceeded the $31,000 goal, and he intends to deliver at the end of this summer.

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Comment: Re:US Employment Rights (Score 1) 340

by zigziggityzoo (#34184968) Attached to: Worker Rights Extend To Facebook, Says NLRB

No holiday time, no sick leave, no maternity leave, no restrictions on hours worked, no mandated breaks, few health and safety regulations, can be fired without notice or reason, can legally discriminate, etc. It is like working in the third world. Between this and health care the US is low on my list of places I wish to work.

Check (10 days off/year), Check (15 days off/year, 6 months extended sick leave which renews every 5 years), Check (Paternity leave, counts as sick time), True (but if I'm over 40 hours I get overtime - knew I was on call taking this job), True (no mandated breaks, but my work environment allows for them whenever), No safety issues to worry about here, True (I'm not a "right to work" state, I'm in an "at will" state), and Discriminate? ooohkay. Come to the states sometime. See what it's really like.

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