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Comment But, truck hybrids are done wrong. (Score 1) 775 775

All of the hybrids are done wrong. Parallel hybrid is just plain foolish. You inherit everything bad of each system, and it does not give a way out.
Likewise, the current series approach is equally wrong. You take a large regular engine , hook up a generator, and then run a motor with it. Way too much lose.

The right way is for a company to develop a SMALL 30 hp engine that hooks directly to a matching generator. Together, these will be around 100 lbs. Then put 2+ into a vehicle. For a f150 size commercial truck, do 2. For a semi, do 4 or 5. The only place where real loads occur is during acceleration. For cruising at say 70 mph, a semi will only use 50 kw assuming better aerodynamics. As such 3 engines would run to provide the electricity for the motors AND running the cabin.
This is cheaper to make, and cheaper to maintain.

Comment Re:Why animals can't be given human rights. (Score 1) 121 121

I tend to weigh on the side that sentient animals should receive protections similar to the protections we give to children or to adults deemed legally incompetent. That means they can't exercise many of the rights that we recognize adult humans have, but neither can they be wantonly exploited, physically or psychologically harmed.

There are already animal cruelty laws that could be amended to grant better protection from human-on-animal neglect and abuse. The problem with giving them rights is that they'd apply to animal-on-animal action or environmental harm. You wouldn't let a child assault another child, would you? But it would be crazy if we were equally compelled to intervene if a gorilla assaults another gorilla. And we wouldn't let kids hunger or thirst or freeze to death, yet that happens to animals in nature all the time. Not doing them harm is way different from being responsible for their well-being.

Comment Re:The Segway problem (Score 1) 37 37

The hapless Segway would have been hero technology had it first been marketed to those handicapped who can stand but not walk. It would be intermediate tech between fully mobile and chairs, which take you out of the eye-contact world of the normally upright.

And who exactly might that be? Anyone with a bad hip or knee wouldn't want to stand any significant amount of time. Nor the morbidly obese. And those with balance or support problems probably can't use a Segway at all, they'd still need their walker. Amputees would still prefer prosthetics that cloak their handicap better. Sure they're faster and less tiresome, but I can't really think of any condition where you're unable to stand/walk short distances and still able to use a Segway.

Comment What a load of bullcrap (Score 1) 78 78

Compassion and empathy is an indication that while I have a life to live, I care about yours too. Computers and robots already exist solely to serve me, whether they can beat me at chess or not doesn't give them any life of their own. If you're already a doormat, there's no point in saying please walk all over me. For the same reason I've never felt the need to say please to a computer, though I might occasionally call on a higher power for it to please work. And you will know it's a load of circuits, unless you like to live a self-delusion you'll know there's no feeling behind it. Faking it will just get creepy, like HAL 9000: "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" instead of "Permission denied."

Let's review a few of the inventions that have replaced work already like the washing machine or the dishwasher. If I had a person to do my laundry, I mean literally scrub it like in ye olde days I'd treat them nicely. The washing machine I turn a few knobs and it works or I curse it because I have to call a plumber. I won't thank my car for driving itself, nor for a robot being my housekeeper, chef, waiter, butler, gardener, delivery boy or whatever else work they can get it just becomes a piece of machinery that we expect to work. I've already outsourced my vacuuming to a slightly intelligent robot, the main thing is it's functional.

Comment Re:It's shocking- read it (Score 1) 409 409

Well, I note most of these involve Cortana - Windows 10's digital assistant. If you want your OS to be your personal assistant it's going to be tough if it doesn't know anything about you. If you feel this is more like a Microsoft stalker, I'm sure there's an off switch.

Comment Ahh. AFM speaking (Score 1) 775 775

I get so tired of fucking MBA types that BS without understanding what they are talking about. Numerous studies have shown that the grid and generators in america do just fine with 100% of vehicles moved over, as long as less than 25% charge in the daytime. In addition, if less than 15% charge in the daytime, there is a MAJOR savings to utilities. And as to the rest of your tripe, others have already addressed the fact that not a thing was true.

Comment Tipping point is model 3 in 2 years (Score 1) 775 775

Most ICE vehicles in 25-50k range are fairly slow. They will run 0-60 in 5-10 seconds. Model 3 will no doubt start in the 5s and go to 3s based on options. In addition, the vehicle will be considered superior to all other ICE vehicles in that range. My guess is that is when customers will insist that car makers quit focusing on masdive profits and focus on great vehicles.

Comment Re:In the US. (Score 1) 775 775

Again, this works in the US with big suburbs where everyone has a parking lot with an electric outlet. In other countries (like good old Europe), where most people live in apartments and there is just no way you can plug your car at night, it doesn't work.

Apartment buildings and fixed parking spots are far from mutually exclusive, either through a parking cellar or dedicated garages/parking spots. Granted, Norway is a cold country where a garage may be more useful than down south but by household:

58% have a garage or carport
25% have a private parking spot
17% have no parking

Of the last 17% only 38% have a car, so in practice it's only 6.5% that don't have a fixed spot for their car. And that probably includes people that have rented a parking spot nearby, in practice few wants to be nomads trying to find free street parking every day. Of course you would have to get an electrician to mount an outlet, but beyond that it's not really a problem.

Comment Re:settled cannon for about a decade now (Score 1) 79 79

Part of me wonders if this is deliberate. No graphics drivers that are useful, no games. No games, no Linux desktop.

Why? AMD has no stake or interest in what OS you game on, they're just looking to sell their hardware. They get no benefit from enabling or pushing a migration to Linux unless they can steal customers from nVidia/Intel that way, which seems highly unlikely. You don't need a conspiracy to explain why companies don't do things that don't benefit them.

Comment Re:This order is worthless without funding (Score 1) 213 213

yeah, so.
When has the neo-cons/tea* listened to any budget by Obama? Not a once.
They discard everything and simply run their own. Hell, they do not even listen to past GOPs BEGGING for the house/senate to raise taxes on fuel to bring our roads back to levels.
At this time, all they listen to, are the billionaires, along with Chinese gov.. Hell, this group has been working to kill America's new private space, by giving MORE MONEY to Putin.

Comment and how much will be done in India and China? (Score 1) 213 213

Seriously, building the computer is worthless, unless it comes 100% from America, or at least the west.
If the parts come from China, then it will make it trivial for China to simply build their own CPLA computer for weapons modeling.

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