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Comment: Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 1) 323 323

Reddit was started as an experiment in free speech.

Wait, what?

I recall Alex coming on Slashdot a lot to promote Reddit when he first launched it. "An experiment in free speech" was not anything I recall being discussed. I also remember him posting on Slashdot while still developing reddit.

What I recall, is promotion of a general interest platform that was more open than Slashdot (unlimited moderations for all!) and less susceptible to vote brigading than Digg.

It was while ago, so I may be a bit foggy on the specifics.

Comment: Re:Dwindling airable land? (Score 1) 122 122

I think what the Libertarians fail to realize is that farmers, as a general rule, are not smart enough to diversify or maintain course.

First, I think that's a ridiculous assertion. Smart farmers don't diversify because the taxpayers bear the risk of their crop failure, or of crashing prices; they have insufficient incentive to diversify.

Second, if we had a true free market, dumb farmers would go out of business and we would be left with smart farmers allocating resources efficiently. Isn't that the point of economic libertarianism?

Note: I am far from libertarian.

Comment: Re:So does this qualify as 'organic'? (Score 1) 122 122

What do you mean by cyclical? Do you mean the livestock/fertilizer/crop/fodder cycle? Do you mean crop rotation? Or something else entirely?

Just curious, since I'm not aware of either cyclical production or crop rotation being a requirement for organic farming (although both are considered best practices).

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 644 644

good synopsis of the situation esp. of the leaf.
For a city, the leaf actually makes a lot of sense. I think that when they have a TRUE 120-150 MPC car, they will sell loads of them.

My understanding is that the leaf is going to be re-designed, not just increased the battery. Nissan has determined that style really does matter. In addition, they are going to increase the specs on it in terms of speeds. The idea that they have a 0-60 of 10 seconds is pathetic. They should have no more than a 7 (and even that is slow for an EV).

BTW, for what you described at the end, that is tesla model 3 in 2 years. 200+ MPC. $35K (and unlike the leaf, that is the BASE, not the upper end). And yes, it does have Linux. :)

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 644 644

Plugshare? Really? And you own a tesla?
Here is what has been built and what is being built
And here is what will be built out over the next year.

Just out of curiosity, how long did it take? I am guessing that you just got it and are taking it for its first SC drive (everybody has to do one :) ). We are waiting until the new year, and will then get a Model S (possibly X, but I doubt it). Since it is my wife's car, she wants to pick up at the factory and drive home in it. Kind of a cool road trip. Hoping to meet some of the workers that actually worked on it. Personally, I would like to have them simply sign it.

Comment: Re:EVs are a PITA (Score 1) 644 644

When car makers are forced by tesla to build their EVs decently, then and only then, will you see those other car makers have similar sales to Tesla.
For the last year, all but the Tesla's sales have gone down. Part of that is more EVs coming on the market and THOSE old car makers EVs competing for similar space. However, when Tesla is out with the Model 3 in 2 years, it will make a HUGE dent in ICE car sales. Why? Because you will be looking at a car superior to the BMW 3 series, with under 6 seconds 0-60, 200 MPC, 140 MPH top speed, all for less than e-golfs, leafs, etc.

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 644 644

1) in America, even if we were 100% coal, it would still have less emissions than ICE cars. Thankfully, we are at 35% coal and dropping FAST. As such, the emissions from EVs is better than any of the ICE cars.
2) If you charge in the daytime, the average is .125 / KWH. With an EV, that means that you will have around $1.25 GGE (gal of gas equivalence). However, most ppl charge at night time and can get .06 / KWH. That is less than .60 GGE. IOW, the price of the electricity is NOTHING, unlike the $3/gal for gas.
3) the costs of batteries for most EVs IS a problem. They will only last 7-10 years for those vehicles. But with Tesla, their batteries will last 15-20 years (based on current data). And in 15 years, the costs of a new battery from them, will be NOTHING.
Oh, In Tesla, it is a 90 second change out for a new battery pack.

Sorry, this pretty much burst your bubble, but there is a REAL reason why Tesla continues to have strong sales, while other EVs are slowing down.

Comment: Re: The reason is more simple (Score 1) 644 644

0-30 in the leaf is FAST. Not so in the other none tesla EVs. The other car makers purposely limit the quickness of their EVs so that it does not compete against their ICE cars.
However, none of that matters because nissan was in a hurry with the leaf and decided to do air-cooling, which will not work.

Comment: Re:Expensive to buy, expensive to fix, also ugly (Score 1) 644 644

I call it ugly because it has a small battery (less than 100 MPC), and is more than 10 seconds for 0-60, with a horrible top speed, all stats less than any of their ICE cars. Basically, VW gutted the car. Purposely.

The EVs are easily capable of outdoing the ICE cars, but, all of the regular car makers choose to not allow that, except in hybrid form.

Comment: Re:winter (Score 1) 644 644

The reason why Tesla sells so well in norway, is that the gov has great subsidies there. And Teslas are PRIMARY cars there. Multiple ppl have written about them driving in the snow. In general, these cars, like nearly all EVs, are garage kept, and plugged-in overnight. So, when they drive in the winter, they say that they lose about 10% of the distance for normal winter temps. Hitting -30 C, and yes, you can take up to 25% off the distance. But for normal 0- -15 C, you do not loose much.