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Comment Re:it looked so much like layoffs (Score 2) 250

I'm pretty sure it was layoffs, with a clumsy attempt to make it look like it wasn't.

Yahoo has no choice but to get rid of as many people as they can, as quickly as they can. We can assume from the article that they're doing it as cheaply as they can as well, using a system that other companies have decided is bad business, but why would Yahoo care what the staff think?

They're going to have next to no staff soon anyway, when the Alibaba owning bit is spun off, (which will need very few staff), and the rest is left to die.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 4, Insightful) 179

I disagree with both Microlith and Stormwatch.

Any phone without a micro SD card slot and a removable battery is of no use to me at all, and I will not buy.

The really fortunate thing with the whole Android range is that Microlith, Stormwatch and I can each buy the phone we want, with the features we need, usually at the price we wish to pay as wel..

There are other types of smartphone too, they don't have the same range of different models, but some people seem to like them.

As far as security goes, the manufacturers are hopeless at providing updates, but for the tech-savvy consumer, updates can be installed, with a small amount of messing around and a custom ROM. I know that's not ideal, and to vast majority of people won't be able to do it, but it is an option.

Comment Re:Slick or sick (Score 1) 139

If Eisenhower was warning the US about World War II military spending, then why did he make the speech January 17, 1961?

but the overall trend has been decline since the height of WW2...

Not according to the Washington Post

You're awarethat the US has the world's largest military budget aren't you?

You're wrong.

Comment Re:The Worst Hollow Copyright Claim: (Score 2) 70

I'm an author, and I have no problem with this. In fact, I encourage it. Why should a generation find a means to profit off my work, changing it, manipulating it, doing whatever they want with it, soon after I pass? What a disgrace that could be. Have you seen how far removed these new Alice and Wonderland movies are? Gawd, completely off the point. Now people think of Lewis Carrol as an author and cartoonist, not the brilliant methmetician he was. There's also the drug/hippie flower-power relationship that was never intended.

Why would you even care? You'll be dead.

Also, if you don't like the current Alice movies you're probably not a child, which is the intended audience, as far as I can see.

I resent the fact that Mick Jagger's children will be living off continued royalties for their entire lives.

Comment Humans (Score 1) 138

Every discovery like this pushes the arrival of humans in various places further and further back in time. Until recently it was thought Australia was settled about 30,000 years ago, but there is evidence now for up to 55,000 ya.

These sorts of finds are wonderful (IMHO) and the more we learn about our distant ancestors, the more they turn out to have been resourceful and clever.

Comment Re:State employees (Score 1) 258

I think I'm going to be having that conversation with my boss soon.

Management trots out all sorts of horse shit about the economy and whatever else they can think of to try to keep wage increases down, but meanwhile profits are up, profit growth is up and the company has something like $14 billion cash reserves.

They're going to have to give me some of it if they want me to stay.

Comment Who thought of this? (Score 1) 353

I wondered what would happen if I visited New York State, as I don't live there and so I don't own a phone the New York police would be able to decrypt.

Then I wondered how many other people visit New York State each year, and came up with this

That's potentially millions of people who would be breaking the law just by visiting New York (and yes I know the figures are for New York City, not the State, the point's the same).

The whole idea is a really weird one. Too stupid to even get traction surely?

Comment Re:Patton vs. Bradley (Score 1) 82

Yes, as I said, I have no strong views about Patton, he won battles regularly. Men die in war and it's a general's job to send them to die. My Dad for instance hated Churchill, because he could have negotiated a treaty with the Nazis in 1940 and Dad would not have spent the best part of 6 years fighting. I think my Dad was wrong about that and Churchill was right, but then I wasn't at El Alamein or Monte Casino and he was.

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