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Comment Re:If it's really a policy (Score 2) 296

"Again, tell that to the thousands of believers who put Jedi on their census as a way of giving the middle finger to Richard Dawkins' atheist zealotry

I don't think anyone has ever been thinking of Richard Dawkins when they've put Jedi down as their religion. I'm sure that they're doing it as a middle finger to the Church.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 470

I imagine that's what will happen, because if people want to buy these, then someone will sell them. If it's not the current dealers, it'll be someone else.

That means that the appropriate question should be directed to makers of electric cars: What are you doing to make selling electric cars as profitable and painless for your dealers as selling gasoline or diesel vehicles?"

Is the bit of stupid I noticed because that's not how the world works.

Comment Re:Children or not (Score 1) 200

I don't live in the same place you do, but where I live the cameras are run by the Police, not private companies. My sister got a speed camera ticket, and she was really sure she had not been speeding at the time so she spoke to a lawyer she knew. His answer was to indicate on the ticket that she was going to plead not guilty, and request the maintenance records for the camera involved. No lawyer is needed at this time as the forms are all online. She got a letter a few weeks later saying that the matter had been dropped, and she's never paid a ticket since.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 1) 242

I had the opposite experience, sort of. When I got married and started my family, I was paid for overtime, time and a half, and double time after 3 hours (I think that's right). Like most young couples we were hard up and the paid overtime helped keep us afloat. The stupid boss however decided that his staff should all go onto salaries and not be paid overtime, as if we couldn't count or something. There was no negotiation, it was presented as a fait accompli and when some of us said no, threats were made, so within a few months we were all either working at the competition, or in other industries. Stupid boss went out of business.

Comment Re:Poe's Law? (Score 1) 381

Growing your own veges is a great idea if you've got the space. I've just watered my chillis, beetroots, coriander, and blueberries.

I'm in the Southern hemisphere though.

Lots of people grow a few veges and herbs, but the point I was making is that bugs have failed to take off several times that I can remember. At least in the West.

Comment Re:Regulation please (Score 2) 161

There was an attempt a few years ago where I live to regulate all the "Nutritional Products" and "Supplements" companies, but there was a huge backlash and it never happened.

I can't remember the arguments against proper testing and labeling but the minister involved backed down and it all went away.

Someone was even on the radio defending homeopathic remedies, and I remember her stating something along the lines that the manufacturers would go out of business if they were forced into having independent testing, and that statement went completely unchallenged. Weird.

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