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Comment Re:Italy has a military? (Score 1) 106

My Grandfather was in Italy during the war and ended up in Trieste

He like the Italians, and learned to speak Italian quite well, so that he could order wine for his unit. His take was that Italians pretty much wanted everyone to go home, they generally had no interest in fighting.

His view may have been coloured by the fact that his unit, (the New Zealand Division Signal Corps, so not front line troops) took a lot of Italian prisoners during the Middle East campaign.

Comment No (Score 1) 124

The people who did the study suggest that we should find a better way of classifying these drone-related situations so legislators have accurate information from which to design regulations.

I think the people who did the study have missed the point then. The point is that the FAA want to regulate drones, and so they need data to the support the need for drone regulation. Accurate data might prevent this.

Comment Re: Sounds normal (Score 1) 209

That's exactly the answer.

Before I took the job I'm in now I interviewed for several similar jobs and on a few occasions was more or less told not to ask what the pay was until after I'd signed up. Did not take those jobs

I also saw a job ad for a web developer who needed a master's degree, 5 or more years experience in long list of webby type things, spoken and written Mandarin and English and the willingness to work shifts. All for $25,000.

I often wondered if they got any answers to that ad and if any of them didn't contain swear words.

Comment Re:Facepalm (Score 3, Interesting) 181

I was wondering this myself. It sounds nice, "National Happiness" and all that, but I wonder how they treat those who dissent. On the point of Buddhist Theocracy, I am always a bit surprised that people have such a positive opinion of the Dalai Lama, as what he wants to return that country to is exactly that. Why would a Buddhist Theocracy be a good thing, but a Muslim Theocracy (for example Iran) but bad?

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