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+ - Take Your Home Internet With You

Submitted by Nighttime
Nighttime (231023) writes "How do you use the Internet when you're in an area with no 3G or wi-fi signal. Well, a start-up on Indiegogo appears to have the answer, the WiFiEx. It's a USB device you plug into your home computer and charge it up with Internet. When you're out and about you can then use the Internet charge stored on the device; the more you've charged it, the longer you get. So far they've raised over US$2000 and the project has 9 days left to part fools from their money."

+ - How Munich switched 15,000 PCs from Windows to Linux->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It's one of the biggest migrations in the history of Linux, and it made Steve Ballmer very angry: Munich, in south west Germany, has completed its transition of 15,000 PCs from Windows to Linux. It has saved money, fuelled the local economy, and improved security. Linux Voice talked to the man behind the migration, and is making the PDF article free (CC-BY-SA) so that everyone can send it to their local councillors and encourage them to investigate Linux."
Link to Original Source

+ - Linux Voice Aiming to be Different

Submitted by yenrabbit
yenrabbit (2746763) writes "A crowd funding campain went live today for a new magazine — Linux Voice. Begun by three members of the editorial team responsible for Linux Format who left because

we wanted to do something different. We want to create an even better magazine; a bigger, more entertaining and more accountable magazine for the community we love to serve. The magazine we want to make is called Linux Voice.

What makes this interesting is the mission behind the magazine — their plan revolves around giving back to the community (to the tune of 50% of the profits) and providing reader-oriented content as affordably as possible. In a world where print media seems to be going out of fashion, will this new approach succeed? Drop your opinion in the comments, or show them some support through their Indiegogo campaign."

Comment: ~3000ms.... Poor old Zimbabwe (Score 1) 558

by yenrabbit (#43535821) Attached to: Average latency to
Lagging years behind the world as usual :) Up to last year the fastest i could concieve was 100kb/s. Now its getting slightly better but it will still be some time before we come near the speed that most of America considers slow. To be fair its usually closer to 300 ms, sometimes even faster to google or the like, sometimes slower or time-out.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Projects for a heap of junk? 2

Submitted by yenrabbit
yenrabbit (2746763) writes "A friend has just told me that he has 80 CRT TVs, a stach of DVD players and hundereds of VCR machines, all broken and all mine free of charge. I can already think of a few awesome components i can extract (flyback transformers for high voltage contraptions and so on) and have a few ideas such as DVD lasers etc that i can build, but what else can be made from such a treasure-trove of components, and how would one go about processing such a large volume of stuff with the least amount of effort? Also, i don't have access to online shopping so i'd also like a pain free way of salvaging many simpler parts such as resistors as well."

Comment: Re:Hahaha - Unity even fails mobile (Score 1) 202

by yenrabbit (#42396485) Attached to: Ubuntu Focusing on Tablets and the Cloud in 2013
It seems to be the trend to give Unity flack, but it was my first non-windows experience, so i approached it without any experience of desktop environments that didn't suck. Since then i have used KDE, Gnome (and variants like cinnamon) and XFCE, and to be honest out of all of them them i'd pick Unity. Just because it goes against what some people believe to be the 'One and only way of doing things' doesn't automatically make it bad. Linux is all about choice and if you don't like it, sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop or switch to a different distro

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