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Comment: Re: Some say...why bother? Too much a PITA. (Score 1) 530

by xrobertcmx (#44708919) Attached to: How Human Psychology Holds Back Climate Change Action
You said it there and I can site an interesting example. They pay insurance premiums...and so do you. Whose pocket will the cost of replacing that 10 million dollar house come out of? Everyone's. Look at FL. Living in VA I pay about $600 a year. In FL it was $3000 for a smaller less expensive house in the middle of the state. When that expensive beach front plot gets wiped, good luck because if the insurance company is still solvent you won't be getting coverage within a 100 miles of shore I love my car to, and can't afford an electric, but when I bought it in Jan. I made sure to get one that 40+ in the city. Drives the wife nuts that I only fill up every two weeks. It is little things that can at least make a difference now, being more efficient not only means polluting less but also saving money. With no change to lifestyle we cut 200 Kwh off the electric bill. That is not a small number in terms of dollars saved over the course of a year, combined with an efficient car it is even more savings. On top of that it is a lot of crap I did not dump into the air and water. On another note we will probably run out of safe clean water long before we have to worry about global sea levels.

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by xrobertcmx (#44632689) Attached to: Joining Lavabit Et Al, Groklaw Shuts Down Because of NSA Dragnet
The simple truth is that we are and have always been corrupt. The difference is that now everyone knows about it. For examples see the Grant Administration. The building of the Panama Canal. Cuba pre Castro Or the recent Supreme Court rulings. Or lobbyists. Or the period of 1865 and after. Not that it was better before that I just don't know as much regarding that time period. We have made attempts to clean up but never seem to address the real issues which are inherent in the style of government we use (Republic). I can vote but our two party system is a mess. Look at the VA governor's race. A corrupt radical nut job or a career politician who is corrupt as hell. No other choice. Unless we fire the lot of them and start over, oh and get control of the damned debt we are screwed.

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by xrobertcmx (#41877381) Attached to: Hyundai Overstated MPG On Over 1 Million Cars
A few years ago I traded in a perfectly reliable Hyundai Elantra that got 24 MPG and bought a Toyota Yaris. The Yaris at half the size and weight got 29MPG, big mistake. Currently I have a Honda Insight, the little display is always off by 2MPG, if it says 44 MPG at the end of a tank I got 42, if it says 48 than I really got 46. Although my wife has the Hyundai Tuscon and it does get 30MPG on the highway and sometime 32 which is what the sticker said.

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by xrobertcmx (#39110215) Attached to: Carbohydrate-Based Synthesis To Replace Petroleum Derived Hydrocarbons?
1 Barrel of Crude oil is 42 Gallons at a cost of ~$105.00 per barrel. 1 Barrel of Corn oil at 42 Gallons currently costs $464.92 retail.* I don't have an opinion either way, but 10:1 can't be correct except in possibly talking about an energy economy. * Cost based on the current listing of 1 barrell of Mazola Corn oil as found at Costco.*&lang=en-US

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by xrobertcmx (#38807161) Attached to: AT&T Caps Netflix Streaming Costs At $68K/Yr
I think more to the point, if a business is built using tax incentives, government granted right of ways, and the grant of monopoly, then it should be beholden to the tax payer as it is more or less a branch of the government at that point. We could try an experiment, go found a CLEC and build your own network without any of the incentives, right of ways, or guaranteed income that the ILEC's have and come back and let us know when you make a profit....oh, sorry, we tried this in '96-'01 following the telecommunications act. I think XO and Cavalier are still in business but Windstream, Teligent, and the rest went bye bye. Also neither Verizon or at&t pay taxes, in fact they are some of the biggest beneficiaries of poorly run programs like the USF. I'm only a conservative (I've moved from the left to the middle) when it comes to my money and the Constitution, and what I see here is a failure to get a return on my investment. So, the ILEC's need to be held accountable, as do the cable companies. I want a level playing field, real competition, open networks, or these buggers to start paying taxes. Once they start paying taxes and building networks without our help then they can use them however they wish.

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A fast food tax is already being examined and so is one on "unhealthy" snack foods. The only problem is that the over subsidized corn sweetener industry opposes it and has a lot of money. I would support a gas tax, or better yet, the closing of the loophole that allows people to buy those damned SUV's that I can't see through when trying to turn, back out of a parking space, or blind me when they come up behind my car.

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by xrobertcmx (#36298060) Attached to: Carbon Emissions Reached Record High In 2010
ehhh, just google it. Cattle ranching in Brazil turned into one of the biggest causes for deforestation in the Amazon. Cattle themselves are also one of the biggest contributors to green house gas emissions. Seems they put out a crap load of methane, not to mention the oil used to grow the massive amounts of food used to feed them, burned to move that food to them, the additional amount burned to move the cows to the feed lots, then the additional additional fuel used to move the beef to the stores. There is almost as much acreage under tillage to feed cows as there is to feed people. Chickens are on the list too at something like 1.3 billion in the US for meat, not just for egg production. I have to find that link.

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