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Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 2) 274 274

Vietnam we left because internal political problems not because we lost any battles... same thing in Afghanistan.

And regardless... who said anything about fighting the Russians head to head?

No no... we're going to bleed them. We're just going to sit there and do a million little things that cripple them a little more every day.

The life of Russia will be one of disappointment and hardship. The Russians should love it.

We can keep that up indefinitely. And all these countries they're dicking with... easy when they've got nothing to fight back with... right? What happens when we give their neighbors enough anti tank mines to make tank pushes suicidal... what happens when we give the locals man portable anti tank rockets?

And my personal favorite... what happens when we give them night vision goggles. You want to be a Russian tank battalion in Ukraine territory under a black new moon when the Ukrainians are out there and can see by starlight?

Have fun with that.

Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 1) 274 274

Actually we would pour money into them. Not literal cash possibly but trade opportunities, industrial assistance, etc.

Keep in mind that the US keeps peace in east asia... everyone hates the japanese and yet everyone gets along because everyone has abstracted their strategic defense to the US. So they don't saber rattle at each other. They just send each other mean letters or write op eds in their various newspapers.

We could do the same thing for the middle east. In fact, much of the peace in the middle east is our partial execution of that service. Without the peace we provide they've be at each other's throats.

And if we wanted to destroy Iran... the easiest thing to do would be to walk away and let the Shia and Sunni eat each other. The only thing they all agree on is that they hate israel. So whether israel would survive that is questionable. But possibly they could be Switzerland if they went out of their way to not cause problems with the Palestinians.

Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 1) 274 274

Remind me which country has crippling sanctions on its economy?

Remind me again which country has economy half the size of Italy?

Remind me which country makes on average 25 percent of what the other country makes PER PERSON.

Remind me which country has something the other ACTUALLY cares about?

You stalk about Crimean and Ukraine like the US actually needs that.

Wake up. It is RUSSIA that wants something from the US. Russia wants the US to recognize the Russians as having a dominant position in eastern europe. Russia wants the US to respect it.

What does Russia have that the US actually cares about?... Really?


We're going to keep pushing into Eastern europe. We're going to keep developing our missile defense technology. We're going to keep fucking with their economy and the Russians can't stop us.

Russia has no leverage. They're not a super power. They don't scare us. And all this crap Putin is doing is only hurting his country for nothing.

The USSR couldn't match the US and Putin thinks his country with half the GDP of Italy is going to take the US on? The man is a fucking clown. One of those annoying mimes perhaps. He's got the face for it.

Look, I don't want to be confrontational with Russia. I'd much rather they were our buddies. But Russia is trying to intimidate the US.

The US reads this much the way a man would read a snake hissing at him. Sure... you don't want to get bit by the snake. But that doesn't mean you don't get a shovel and knock its head off either.

If Russia made peace with the US, the trade sanctions would go away, foreign investment would return to Russia, and the Russian people would have some kind of future. But with putin challenging the US... they've got nothing. The Russian economy is collapsing. The military hardware that Russia has isn't sustainable. Its mostly cold war era rusting garbage and what isn't that old is still mostly garbage... and the Russians can't even maintain that. its all falling apart. And for nothing.

For Crimea? How long do you think Putin can keep fighting? Its costing him a lot more than it is costing us. And we haven't even started to send the Ukrainians heavy weapons.

What happens to Putins tanks that he can't replace if they get destroyed... when we start giving the Ukrainians TOW missiles and night vision goggles?

The Russians don't use night vision.

I don't know why so many internationals underestimate the US. You all think we're soft or aren't willing to get bloody.

How do you think we got to where we are? Think the US could face down Imperial Japan, Hilter, and then after the war face down Stalin without having some steel in our spines?

You people are hilarious. Who educates you jokers? We're quite capable of dealing with Putin. The Russians think they're spooky because they've all ODed on the mythos of the great soviet empire they don't have anymore. But unlike the little countries they like to bully, we actually faced off against their old empire. We're not even remotely afraid of the Russian Federation.

The Russians aren't even a shadow of what they were. And we were quite happy to dance with the Russians at their peak. Today? Pfft.

Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 1) 274 274

If Iran gets nukes it won't make them safe though. It will just mean the US has to balance them.

And the tool we'll use is the Saudis, the Jordanians, and the Egyptians... all of which could go nuclear if the US just permitted it.

And then all the US has to do to destroy or simply neutralize Iran... is walk away.

Iran has no leverage. Absent the US in that region they'd all be at each other's throats... and whatever you think of Iran... they're out numbered, out spent, and out crazied by their rivals. And if their rivals have our passive support... What does Iran have to counter that?

Think it through. iran is already checkmated. The only people that don't notice it are those that can't see enough moves ahead. They have no future if they continue this course.

Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 2) 274 274

Its more complicated than that. And really citing what happened way back when is not infinitely relevant. The US was at war with the British Empire for a time. They burned our white house to the ground in the war of 1812 for example...

Wise nations reassess every so often. We were once enemies of the Chinese. During the Korean war we slaughtered chinese soldiers like ants. I forget the name of the battle but we retreated into some mountains dragging our artillery up the mountain with us... and the chinese swarmed across the valley below... We made the valley BOIL with our artillery shells. Think of a pot of boiling water... BOIL.

Now we get along just fine. There is some tension over this south china sea thing. But we generally do quite well.

And as contrast look at the Russians. This property the Chinese have gone through could have been the Russians. Imagine the USSR if rather than declaring itself an enemy of the west and saying it was going to spread communism across the world by FORCE... if they had simply been our buddies. We probably would have given them Marshal plan money. They wouldn't have been able to keep their western conquests of course but they weren't able to keep them in the end anyway.

Stalin retarded the economic development of his country by decades... lowered the standard of living of his people... narrowed the horizons of hundreds of millions of people. For what? Nothing.

Look at the Japanese and Germans. Are they still mad at the US? We f'ing nuked the Japanese and we flattened the German cities with constant carpet bombing. We get along just fine.

All I'm saying... is reassess at intervals. The US does this all the time. We make peace with people we had problems with all the time. And we don't need to crush them to do it.

If Iran turned around tomorrow and said "never mind about all that death to America stuff... lets be buddies"... if we believed them... forgive us for being cautious... but if we believed them, then we'd be thrilled to accept.

There are certain cultures however that can't let anything go. The Russians can't let anything go. The Iranians can't let anything go. And so you can't make peace with them. Because they're still holding grudges and they're just going to bide their time until they can stab you in the back.

F' that. If that's how they're going to be then I'm not going to be the credulous American that drinks from the poisoned cup.

Be my friend and I'll be your friend. Be my enemy and don't be surprised when fuck you up. I refuse to apologize or feel bad about that. If these countries ACTUALLY want peace with the US... nothing would make us happier. Our only price for any of that is to not be raging assholes. Russia shouldn't be invading an annexing eastern european countries and Iran shouldn't be making state sponsored children's programs where they talk about how the US drinks baby blood, they work on a nuclear program with the express purpose starting a nuclear pissing contest in the WORST part of the world to do that, and of course the whole sponsoring terrorists thing which has escaped no one's notice in the region ever.

Comment: Re:Shocker... (Score 0) 175 175

Its just another mastrabatory progressive poll where some collection of halfwits want to claim intellectual superiority by asking a set of cherry picked questions under controlled circomstances and then strip out all context.

Its part of the reason statistics in general need to be read with great skepticism because they're all very easily manipulated.

If you think about it, they're often weasel words masquerading as math.

Its all "sometimes" "maybe" "probably" "mostly"... And the problem with that is that if you treat your maybes like "is"... then you can build very specious arguments on a foundation of pseudo logic that APPEARS reasonable.

I'm so tired of the statistics articles. Everyone of them I've seen in the last few years has been deceitful bullshit. Its not about facts. Its about what whomever paid the statistician wanted the stats to say.

Comment: Re:Shocking... (Score 1) 111 111

If that were worth the toilet paper I wipe my ass on then we wouldn't have a problem then would we?

The article we're commenting on points out that NYC had an agreement with Verizon where they understood Verizon was going to hook every building up and Verizon interpreted that as simply meaning the cable was going to go through every neighborhood... roughly. And apparently the way the contract is written... Verizon has a strong case.

So there is your fucking contract.

We're done. You're too credulous to be worth talking to...

Final spoiler... There is no Santa Clause and fairies aren't real either.

Wake up. If you like getting fucked... keep doing the same thing. That's how the monopolies like it.

Comment: Shocker... (Score 3, Insightful) 175 175

A segment of the population has views that are different from the average of the entire population.

Do the same thing with investment bankers and you'll see lots of gaps as well.

Do it with politicians versus everyone else... gaps.

Do it with police officers versus everyone... gaps.

Look at our little community here on slashdot. Are our views analogous to the general population? Nope. Lots of gaps.

So... I don't quite get the point of the survey. There have always been gaps between scientists and the general public and always will be just as there are gaps between any sub group and the whole and ALWAYS will be.


Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 1) 274 274

none of which mattes because Iraq is in no position to help Iran. Frankly, Iraq is hurting Iran more than anyone else. Isis is ripping Syria apart and Syria is Iran's only real ally.

To a certain extent, Iraq has restarted the Iraq-Iran war. They're crushing the Syrian resistance and with Syria falling apart Iran is alone.

As to the rest... you're just backing up what I said about ISIS undermining the Iranians.

Iran is getting isolated further and as they get closer to a bomb the arab states that are stable are getting closer to engaging in a rapid military build up with the notion of engaging Iran on their own.

If the US just walks away from the middle east... Iran will probably be annihilated.

This is just another reason why the Iranians are stupid. The US is well positioned to save them and ensure for them a prosperous safe country.

All they have to do is stop stroking the hate boner. The US would love to be good friends with the Iranians. We have great respect for them on many levels. But if they're working to kill us... then it would be irresponsible for us to not undermine them. We owe that to our children at the very least.

one of the dumber things a country can do if it wants to hurt the US is actually say they want to hurt us.

The US has a lot of "frienemies". Countries that smile at us and invite us to all the parties but talk shit and occasionally backstab us when they think they can get away with it.

No need to name names... you know who you are ;-) *kiss kiss*

But you don't say death to America, engage in a nuclear weapons program, fund terrorist cells, and then think the US isn't going to have a response to all that crap. You do all that and you're begging for it.

They're fools. They should have made nice with us. It would have cost them nothing. Literally nothing. And they would be more prosperous, secure, and powerful as a result.

But by engaging a power ridiculously out of their weight class they ensured their people exist in an environment the US naturally must keep marginalized if only because again... it would be irresponsible for us not to undermine the Iranians. They've said they want us dead. So... we'd like to make that impractical. And the best way to do that is to make them too weak and distracted to even get off a cheap shot.

The closer Iran gets to being able to land a cheap shot... the more incentivized the US is to arrange matters such that Iran suffers a tragic accident.

Blowing on the flames between Shia and Sunni could well be seen in the US as a last or near last resort solution to the Iran problem. Here someone will say that is monstrous. But one must keep in mind that they only haven't gone to war with each other because we've kept the peace between them. If the Iranians wish to reward us for that by attacking us... then it might be just as simple as leaving the room for a moment... letting their natural inclination to kill each other take over... and then returning to the room with a bucket of popcorn... and if it becomes reasonable... possibly coming in the last moment to either spare Iran annihilation or make sure the blade cuts cleanly.

Which ever is seen as the most appropriate.

Comment: Re: Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Price (Score 2) 274 274

depends on how many powers are involved and whether they're being sneaky about it and how the bomb is made and who made it.

The question gets technical very quickly.

The simple answer is that who does it should be somewhat obvious from the geopolitics because you can look at who would benefit. Beyond that, you can examine the bomb residue to try and figure out who made it.

There is a big difference between US atomic bombs, Russian atomic bombs, etc.

Everything from how complete the detonation was to the ratios of isotopes you get after it goes off. Signatures.

If terrorists do it they'll claim responsibility because that's what terrorists do. And we know who their sponsors are.

Some detective work might be required if people are being cagey about it. But if it were as simple as sneaking a suitcase nuke into a city and then saying "wasn't me"... then it would have been tried during the cold war.

The Russians knew better than to do that. Just because we don't get a radar trace on a launch doesn't mean we can't figure out where it came from.

Comment: Re:Shocking... (Score 2) 111 111

Wow... so much ignorance... I'll just skip to the bit I didn't already address.

Google's deployments are actually based on the licenses. They have a non-negotiable policy to do a roll out. They're going to do it the way they want to do it and not the way the city wants it done.

They tell you how they'll do it... and the city can either agree to it or not.

If they don't then Google doesn't show up.

NYC will probably NEVER sign that contract. Look at the cities that have. Notice how they're all over the place. They're not going for regional concentration. What is going on is that it is very rare for a city to be willing to sign a contract like that. And so you're just going to get these scattered eclectic cities/towns spread all over.

Do you really need me to get quotes from google and other stake holders where this shit is spelled out for you? Or do you realize that you stepped in dog shit and then put your foot directly into your mouth?

As to the license and the franchise, I'm conflating the two because they're not going to give you the franchise if they're not willing to give you the licenses.

Frankly, the franchise agreements should be retired as a concept and they should just have the conduit/pole licenses that should mostly be a matter of making sure the installation and maintenance is orderly and fees are collected sufficient to maintain and upgrade conduits as needed.

Again, its like the fucking taxi medallions. Its a racket.

Comment: Re:Critical Thinking FAIL (Score 1) 118 118

... so you're illiterate?

What is your first language? If it isn't English this will be more understandable. I'll help you out here with all due humility and patience if English is not your first language.

If it is your first language... then you have no excuse.

Comment: Re:Shocking... (Score 1) 111 111

Don't tell me what I want. I don't want one company to be able to dictate prices by controlling the cable.

And here someone that thinks they're being clever will just say "why not the government"... same problem. If you think that's cheaper its only because you don't understand they shifted the cost to the taxes.

You want a company doing it so there is cost compartmentalization and you don't want a monopoly.

Comment: Re:Shocking... (Score 0) 111 111


Its not a secret, fucktwit. NYC is riddled with pipes of all kinds that have lots of space. In London they're actually running fiber in some Victorian brick tunnels at this point... because why not.

I'm so tired of your snarky half wise/idiot dipshits that enter every discussion, make some stupid comment that you think is clever, and then when challenged you run away thinking you accomplished something.

The city is riddle with pipes under every street. And beyond that, the fiber takes up less space than any other type of wiring. And the fiber is fucking cheap.

The big expense of wiring these cities is not the cable or labor. The expense is the license to run the cable.

The license often requires the ISP do things for the privilege to run cable. Often they have to agree to wire the whole city even though it is only profitable to wire certain neighborhoods. That inflates the cost of the operation quite significantly. It would be like requiring a sandwich shop to open franchises all over town if it wanted to open even ONE. And to make matters worse, there are fees for using the conduits which are often predatory. The cities have a monopoly themselves on the conduits so you can either pay them what they want or you don't get to run the cable.

These payments often take the form of free service to city buildings, schools, etc.

There is plenty of room in the conduits for a LOT of cable. There are disused gas mains. Decommissioned sewer pipes. Decommissioned subway tunnels... etc etc etc.

In fact, many corporations in NYC do run their own cable. Many of the big investment banks and trading houses in Manhattan run their own cable. Its expensive but because of high frequency trading issues such as latency become a question of billions. So the trading houses throw sacks of cash, cocaine, and whores at the various city councillor until they get the permits they want.

I have no problem with that. My issue is rather that you have to throw sacks of cash, cocaine, and whores at these people to make them be reasonable. Short stuffing money in their pockets, cocaine up their nose, and whore sucking on their dicks they tend to tell everyone to just go fuck themselves. And it is that attitude that makes so many of our cities dysfunctional.

What do you think fucks up the education system, the police, the roads, etc?

Corruption, laziness, and incompetence. The cities survive despite these retards... not because of them.

That does not compute.